The Assist – By Kellan Smith

December 28, 2007

I’ve always loved the players that has a true mastery of the assist. It’s possible that it is rooted in the John Stockton poster my father bought me that adorned my bedroom wall during the years that I played high school basketball.

The people that master the assist really gain a more powerful skill. They know when its best to shoot and when its best to pass. They even know when they should slow down for a moment to allow their teammates to regroup. It seems like simple things, but it is what the many of the greatest ever had to set them apart.

Michael Jordan can score 55 points in a game but know that the last bucket he should pass it to Wennington for the win. Steve Nash knows the difference between a game where he should score 40 points and a game where his 20 assists is going to make the difference.

This skill, the ability to know which option in best in a mere moment, is a skill that has helped to build contenders. I’ve already covered Michael Jordan, so let’s look at Jason Kidd. This is a guy who New Jersey does NOT want to see leave. They know that despite how dysfunctional the franchise truly is the fact that he is there and makes the team that much better throws people off the scent (it does not appear to be working anymore.) Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 2

December 23, 2007

Our second podcast installment, for the win!

¬†…Go Colts. Grrrrr. No smiley face. (Says Jeff.)

Episode 2

Our First Podcast!

December 14, 2007

Finally, after messing around with a bunch of different hosting services, we’ve landed at This week Kellan and Jeff introduce themselves to Podcasting and make their predictions for Week 15 of the NFL.

Episode 1