Our First Podcast!

Finally, after messing around with a bunch of different hosting services, we’ve landed at WordPress.com. This week Kellan and Jeff introduce themselves to Podcasting and make their predictions for Week 15 of the NFL.

Episode 1


2 Responses to Our First Podcast!

  1. Windlark says:

    Hey guys, are you kidding with the colts? They just don’t have what it takes. So if you could only see one bowl game, only one.. what would it be?

  2. kandjsports says:

    This is Jeff and ya know what, the colts are the defending champs, and until they crown a new champion, I don’t want to hear it. Go Colts! As for college bowl games I personally think that this years’ BCS championship game has the wrong teams going, as most years. I really think that Kansas and Ohio would have been a good one. Has for the games that are out there, I really like the Sugar bowl this year with the only undefeated team, Hawaii State, going against the number four ranked Georgia. Granted Hawaii has not played the toughest schedule, but undefeated is undefeated. Our next podcast will probably not be out until last Wednesday night, thanks for listening.

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