Least Valuable Players – Kellan

January 31, 2008

I spent some time at Basketball-Reference because of a discussion I got into with my co-worker over who is the Least Valuable Player in the league. I decided to run down the main suspects, and hopefully I can find a better way of narrower down other candidates. If people have any ideas or suggestions leave a comment or e-mail us at kandjsports@gmail.com.

So here are Marbury’s career W-L stats.

Marbury W L W %
96-97 32 35 47.76%
97-98 45 37 54.88%
98-99 25 24 51.02%
99-00 31 43 41.89%
00-01 22 45 32.84%
01-02 36 46 43.90%
02-03 44 37 54.32%
03-04 37 44 45.68%
04-05 33 49 40.24%
05-06 18 42 30.00%
06-07 31 43 41.89%
07-08 6 18 25.00%
Total 360 463 43.74%

So he is a 43.74% career winner. I’m sure that there is worse than this. In fact here is Telfair’s numbers. Read the rest of this entry »

New Banner!

January 29, 2008

Thanks to Nick Baker for our new banner! (Also known as aynononomous).

Episode 9

January 29, 2008

Our producer couldn’t think of anything good so you’re stuck with me complaining about how he needs to be more creative. Be more creative, or else.

Episode 9

Links 1/27/2008 – Kellan

January 27, 2008

The Suns are planning to play a game outdoors. The NBA will not be upstaged by the NHL and their outdoor hockey. In all seriousness, though, now that I’ve heard about it I’d like to go to the game. Maybe this can become a more common thing.

Here is an article that Jeff and I discussed for a moment in Podcast 8. It is about the Blazers and their “old men” ways.

On the last links post I complained about how bad the games were last night. Well the double header today may make up for it. Apparently I just need to get out of the house more on Saturday nights.

A Red Sox fan finds out that success and championships has its negative consequences for the fans as well. We’re beginning to feel this in Portland with the Trailblazers as tickets are beginning to be more and more scarce. The deals aren’t as good of deals as they used to be either. But it is what comes with success. Other Read the rest of this entry »

Links 1/26/2008 – Kellan

January 26, 2008

I was surprised to find the inspiration for “Hey there Delilah” was a runner. Despite the perspective of that article I still like the song. Plus I get to see just what that guy was talking about.

A fictional conversation between the Mannings. This is for you Jeff.

I just checked the games for the evening and realized that the only game I cared about was the San Antonio-New Orleans game. One in four on a Saturday night is not good. Especially on the NFL Superbowl Week break. C’mon NBA. We deserve better. Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 8

January 25, 2008

There once was a man from Nantucket. That’s all. He was from Nantucket. What?

Episode 8

E-mail from Jason

January 24, 2008

We received this e-mail from my cousin Jason and talked a little about it on our last podcast. I know that Kellan has already put up a lot of the links Jason talks about, but we both appreciate the feedback and D-league info. Again thanks Jason, and everyone feel free to e-mail us at kandjsports@gmail.com
Thanks, Jeff

Jeff and Kellan,

I just listened to my first kandjsports podcast (podcast #6) and it was great. I enjoyed listening to your rants and raves about the NFL. We are down to the last game of the season, the SUPERBOWL. I am excited to see the Giants advance but I don’t see them beating the Patriots. NFL isn’t really my strong sport, I just really watch during the playoffs. I am also a Colts fan, and was disappointed to see Peyton get tossed so early. However on a lighter note, have you seen his new commercial? It is priceless! Read the rest of this entry »