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So I thought that I’d try something new and just link to the articles I’m reading in a day that I think are worth sharing with others.

This sites lists some players that deserve more recognition in the NBA. My only contention is some of them are on some really bad teams. I just have never liked the player that was able to score but unable to win.

Just a really sad story about the people living on the fringes of the pro basketball community. Go ahead and go to TrueHoop for an interview with the author.

On the lighter note I enjoyed the content on this site. Who doesn’t like gratuitous breast shots (take a look at their profiles.)

FreeDarko has some thoughts on who the Bulls and Blazers would want to have as President.

Cool story about how the D-league is making an impact on the NBA. I’d like to see the NBDL take on a role closer to the farm system in MLB. There are a lot of guys on the fringes that could really learn by having a good minor league type system and I think in the long term it could help out the NBA and their talent.

The Painted Area has a nice statistical breakdown of some of the top players in the league regarding FG%. I was particularly impressed with Rajon Rondo. Looks like he’s really improved at the ability not of just shooting, but shot selection. Also the second article down is about a trip from Seattle to Portland to watch the Trailblazers play as preparation for the Sonics moving to Oklahoma City.

Good summary of the shortcomings of Phoenix this year. Despite these faults Phoenix still leads the West. But if they’re having problems already how will they fare in the playoffs?

Why is Detroit so good? Maybe it’s because they’re actually having fun.

My Oregon State Beavers pull off a win when Arizona is left with only two players to finish the game.


One Response to Links – Kellan

  1. chris says:

    Yep, you had way more fun blogging than you would have had at work.

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