Episode 5

Kellan is a poop-face. We did the whole podcast without him. And since he’s not here….Go Colts. A lot.

Episode 5

One Response to Episode 5

  1. kandjsports says:

    Nice Podcast. I really liked the group discussion on steroids. You did bring in my point that there is an extra excitement for me to know that I’m seeing people being actually athletic rather than roided out of their minds.

    To me one of the things that needs to be talked about is the effect that one player doing has on those who wouldn’t do it until the moment where they can’t compete with the guy next to them. One person doing steroids can create a cascading effect that leaves people who wouldn’t normally do it no choice but to juice.

    That is the biggest problem I have with steroids. I’m still not sure about HGH because I haven’t heard much about the negative effects it causes, steroids on the other hand are well documented.

    – Kellan

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