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A site that gives a full breakdown of the rules regarding the NBA salary cap. It’s one that has so much information it’ll take me a couple of weeks to actually get to the end of it. I’m glad that there is a resource out there for those people that want to understand the more complex areas of the NBA.

This I Believe is a segment I really enjoy on NPR. Here’s one about basketball.

Girls Gone Sports explains why a Patriots-Cowboys Superbowl would just be evil.

ESPN agrees with me that the Eastern Conference is terrible.

A quick explanation of the TV Timeout, which was discussed in the latest podcast.

The Heat and the Hawks get to do-over the last 51 seconds of the game. This type of thing has not happened in an awful long time.

A site that I just found called PopcornMachine. I’m going to set aside some time and really look at those GameFlows. Very cool. Glad someone is out there doing the work.

One more reason why I don’t box anymore. Man, but what a hit. Just perfect.

Could Isiah Thomas finally be on the way out? The Knicks fans certainly hope so.

The Patriots going undefeated is good for the ’72 Dolphins. It’s the final thought of the article.

A list of fictional sports figures and their falls from grace.

The last topic for this post at Empty the Bench about a player that wants nothing to do with the D-league. I understand that players have always dreamed of playing in the NBA, but the benefits of getting actual game-time in the D-League are such that players can really grow from the experience. Instead of being upset that they are being sent to the D-league, the players should be glad that the staff around them are trying to do what they can to make a player better. If its going to the D-league go ahead and do it. Then in a couple of months they can pick the player up (I need to check the rules on how late into the season a team can activate a player sent to the D-league). Seems so simple in my mind, but convincing players barely playing at an NBA level that they should wait to play in the NBA is not quite so easy.

I’m not sure what to think of this. But at least the Utah jazz can hang out together off the court. I don’t know if I’ll look at Kirilenko the same way.

A list of penalties in the NFL. I would list the most commonly misunderstood rules, but it looks like the NFL doesn’t really like people to understand their rules. Maybe I’ll write about that later. But here’s a list of the NBA’s most misunderstood rules.

Not sports related but there is still a writer’s strike happening.

One man’s review of commentators for college football this season.

Seven reasons the Supersonics should stay in Seattle.

An article about whether teams are better without their All-Stars. I liked the statistical breakdown at the bottom that gave an explanation of why the team is better (or worse) without that player in the line up.

Maurice Jones-Drew can block. How about that, a running back that is also a good blocker.

Talks about religion in sports. A discussion that I feel is going to be more important in the coming years. Especially after the way “God’s Team”, the Detroit Lions, were discussed this year in the media.

Kind of funny rant about the Cowboys Giants game. The reason this Romo-Simpson thing is so popular (in my opinion) is that sports people finally have some sort of bridge to be able to talk with their wives. (I don’t have a wife so I could care less.) But really, both husband and wife get to talk to their spouse about something they like (sports, gossip) and because it’s talking about both they each get to enjoy the conversation rather than just tolerating it.

Here’s a quick game summary of the Seahawks-Packers game.

A Coby Karl talks about the value of the NBDL.


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