Sunday Links – Kellan

A site that describes why Tom Brady is zen. I’m personally not a huge Tom Brady fan. And any time I find myself liking him I remind myself that he is dating her.

What are the Cleveland Browns supposed to do with Brady Quinn? Derek Anderson is a better player so I guess Brady Quinn will have to wait a little longer to show us how prepared he is for the NFL.

Pure Point shares with us the experience of sports in China.

A breakdown of the number of teams that need a quality point guard. I read through the list and agreed that all of those teams need something. Although I figure maybe three of them will end up making a significant move by the trade deadline.

On the last podcast Jeff discussed sports technology. Here’s a couple of the breakthroughs in the last ten years. The writer says that those are the top three in sports, but I really think it’s more of a top three in the NFL. Especially the First and Ten Line being number one (it only affects the NFL so why is it the greatest breakthrough in the past 10 years in sports?) I really think that HD is the biggest innovation for both the fans and the leagues. We get a clearer picture, and when the refs look at the replay they can get a much clearer shot.

I give respect to the Chicago Bulls who made the decision as team to not let Joakim Noah play.

Talk of how the Chargers-Indy game will effect the players.

A great article about Jason Kidd and how important the triple double is. I wrote about Jason Kidd in a previous post.


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