Links 1/16/2008 – Kellan

My question is which of the teams in the West won’t make the playoff. They have ten teams that legitimately deserve (at least so far) to make it into the post-season. There are five teams that look like they’ll finish with over 50 wins this season. Then the other five look like they’ll finish over .500. The East has just six teams that are on pace to finish over .500. Can we just take the two teams from the West that should’ve made it and take away the 7th and 8th place spots in the East and have our teams compete in that bracket. It would make for a more exciting playoffs than the uninspired first (and some second) round play in the playoffs last year from the East.

I’ve been working on some statistical analysis regarding the streaks that teams go on. I’m hoping to be able to post a couple examples and break down what it means pretty soon. It’s just taking a while to build the system. But hey, on to the links.

The Blowtorches take on the enmity that exists between Ben Wallace and Joakim Noah. I do think that Joakim Noah is a player that is going to be pretty good. I do think that Ben Wallace has seen better days, but he is still a veteran and a presence on defense as well as the boards. Noah can complain all he wants, but all he’ll be doing is hurting his team.

The Blazers lost to the Celtics, but I enjoyed reading the breakdown of the two teams as told by their bloggers. Here is the Celtics and here is the Blazers. The Warriors lost too. This is just not my night. On the bright side Portland is still at the top of their Division.

Basketbawful enlightens as to the history of the triple bumble. Basically when 10 turnovers is part of your triple double.

Watch live D-League games for free. Watch people play their hearts out, or see why it is they’re in the D-League. Here is the schedule. I’m going to try to watch at least one game a week.

I’m not usually into shoes, but Lebron’s new shoes are pretty interesting.

What’s happening to the Rockets? I don’t know but this fan seems to be close to giving up hope for the season. I liked the breakdown of who is untradeable, but I’m getting really tired about hearing about people with “tremendous upside”. I don’t know if I’ve heard a phrase that makes less sense since the last time one of my bosses starting spouting off corporate speak. Let’s try saying that “the guy has not yet reached his ceiling”. This upside stuff gives people inflated value. If someone has tremendous upside does that mean that they are going to be a superstar level athlete? Just terrible, and it makes it so the NBA draft is basically unwatchable for me because they say EVERY player drafted has upside potential. Of course they do, they haven’t played in the league yet so they all have upside potential. Doesn’t every player (outside of Shaq) have some sort of upside potential. I’m going to stop before I hurt myself trying to understand that phrase.


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