Links 1/17/2008 – Kellan

So I just found my old address on the internet. It’s from a family newsletter that is now published online (I guess when your extended family reaches upwards of 600 it’s much cheaper to do it that way.) At least it’s not my current address, though. Just makes me a little uneasy how easy it was to find.

Thought that this story about a Packers fan that went over the top when disciplining his son for not wanting to wear a Green Bay jersey during their win against Seattle.

A breakdown of this weekends NFL games that mirrors my thoughts. Only it’s from a guy who knows more about football than I do so it’s much better than my solo breakdown of the game would be.

Turns out its not such a great thing for a city to host a college football team. I used to live in Corvallis and I do have to say that the outcome of the Beavers winning or losing had a definite effect on how the rest of the night would play out. It was a college town so there was weird crap happening all the time, but on those nights where we lost the party participants did seem more aggressive. Or at least they didn’t care how much damage they did to whatever was in their path. Hey I’ve been one of them more than once (although I usually just head straight home and pout.) It’s part of the excitement of college football.

In New York the fans actually cheered during a game that the Knicks won. It wasn’t for the Knicks, it was for the Giants. It’s sad when you’re a big enough basketball fan that you miss the Giants game but when they come on the Jumbotron you’d rather watch that than the team you paid to see. The Knicks have been winning, but I don’t think those fans will be able to feel a sense of pride in their team until they do some huge shake-up. I’m basically doing what everyone else is doing and saying Isaiah should be fired. And that team of players who are a bunch of good pieces that don’t fit together need to be moved around for their good, for the teams good, and most of all for the fans. Since I’m from Portland sorry about giving you Zach Randolph. Common sense would tell us that he’d be good for a team. Results have really not shown that though.

I’m currently watching the Cleveland and San Antonio game and I can’t wait until this long named site breaks down the game. Let me just say he is not a big Larry Hughes fan. It is backed up by some good statistics though.

Well, Cleveland beat San Antonio. King James pulled it off again. Now time for some Phoenix-Lakers action. They’re both good, and they seem to hate each other. Makes for an entertaining game.

So the Suns are up at the half. But they are notoriously good at blowing big leads. This is against the Lakers, though, so I’m pretty sure the Suns will come out in the second half like they did in the first. I never thought that Andrew Bynum would make such an impact this year, but his absence is looming with every big dunk Stoudemire gets.

Why should the Giants and Chargers win this week? These ladies have some tongue-in-cheek opinions.

A Celtics fan’s indescretion. Don’t worry buddy, the Blazers may have to win the award for most likeable team this year. Who can root against these guys? Does anybody want Portland to lose? Everyone know they’re not winning the title this year, but damn are they fun to watch.

A site that shows the streaks that are occurring in the NBA. I’m planning an essay on streaks and their importance to be written sometime in the near future.


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