Links 1/19/08 – Kellan

I found this story pretty amusing. The poor New York Knicks are so terrible people use them as a joke in trade rumors. I do like that Leandro Barbosa was gullible enough to fall for the joke. He seems like a really likable guy (check out Seven Seconds or Less by Jack McCallum.)

Why will the Packers win? Because the whole damn state will do anything they can to help. Really? You’re going to change your television schedule just in case Eli wants to watch one Seinfeld rerun. How does this actually help anything? It just shows that Green Bay fans are way too intense.

I liked the beginning points of this column, but thought that it became too jumbled as I went further.

I just found the picture on this post to be hilarious. Just one more thing to say that Packers fans are nuts.

So this site is reporting that history will be made this year at the Super Bowl. One of the referees will be black. It took until 2008 for this to happen? That is just kind of sad. I guess last year was the first time a black head coach had made it to the Super Bowl, but it’s mind boggling that these initial breakthroughs haven’t happened yet.

There are a some funny quotes from various sports figures. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over Latrell Sprewell’s “I’ve got a family to feed.”


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