Links 1/20/08 – Kellan


So I just found out that the new Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro is coming out on February 29th. The story of an ABA team. This just looks hilarious. The site has a red-band trailer that had me cracking up. I can’t wait.

Who wants Super Bowl tickets? With the prices on StubHub being $3,000 – $17,000 dollars I think I might have to pass this year. And since when was scalping legal when you do it on the internet?

More proof of the Green Bay fans’ craziness. I want to stop posting these but I just keep finding more.

Having a Super Bowl party? Check out some drink concoctions that will show your love for your team.

A drinking game for the NFC Championship game. There’s still plenty of time, the second half barely started.

Well the Patriots beat the Chargers. It still doesn’t answer the question of which quarter back is least likeable, Tom Brady or Philip Rivers.

Somehow Jeff is that face of the Oregon College of Art & Craft. It is mind-boggling to me that they chose his ugly mug to be on there.


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