E-mail from Jason

We received this e-mail from my cousin Jason and talked a little about it on our last podcast. I know that Kellan has already put up a lot of the links Jason talks about, but we both appreciate the feedback and D-league info. Again thanks Jason, and everyone feel free to e-mail us at kandjsports@gmail.com
Thanks, Jeff

Jeff and Kellan,

I just listened to my first kandjsports podcast (podcast #6) and it was great. I enjoyed listening to your rants and raves about the NFL. We are down to the last game of the season, the SUPERBOWL. I am excited to see the Giants advance but I don’t see them beating the Patriots. NFL isn’t really my strong sport, I just really watch during the playoffs. I am also a Colts fan, and was disappointed to see Peyton get tossed so early. However on a lighter note, have you seen his new commercial? It is priceless! What makes Peyton so great in commercials? www.priceless.com Hopefully it will cheer you up.

Now NBA season is what really gets me going. I cant believe that you guys aren’t Blazer fans. I am a fan through thick and thin. I am so excited that we are out of the Jail Blazer phase and that the organization has taken hold of the franchise and kicked out the bad eggs and are definitely headed in the right direction. Nate McMillan is a stud for a coach, and the team is great, and I agree it is almost 15 deep. We (when Jeff says We he is referring to the Colts, when I say We, I refer to the Blazers) aren’t going to win a championship this year but I think we will be closing in on one in the next couple years. If you guys need any NBA advice let me know, maybe I can help. Here are some good websites that I frequent. www.hoopshype.com – daily articles from across the nation
www.oregonlive.com/blazers – the Oregonian blazer page
– has a lot of good stats and salaries http://www.nba.com/playerfile/michael_jordan/index.html – MJ still averaged 20 ppg his last season with the Wizards, even though he was way past his prime. If only those two years were the years he was playing baseball. The Bulls would have won 8 straight NBA titles. MJ would have won 8 straight scoring championships and MJ would be the greatest player EVER. But alas, he played baseball and there will always be a discussion as to who is the greatest player ever.

Here is some info on the D-League http://www.nba.com/dleague/affiliates_review_0708.html “Each team in the D-League has one to three NBA affiliates who are permitted to assign players in their first or second seasons to the D-League. Players can be assigned up to the three times a season for any length of time.”The Dleague teams aren’t necessarily geographically located as the Dleague in town (Utah Flash) is shared by both the Utah Jazz and the Boston Celtics…yeah go figure, the Celtics. I think it has something to do with Danny Ainge’s ties to BYU and Utah. I haven’t been to a game yet but I want to. I underlined the 3 times in a season thing, because it is the only real rule, for NBA guys playing in the dleague. It is kinda tricky cause it could mean the player played one game each time he was in the Dleague, or it could mean that he played one game up in the NBA and went back down and played 30 games in the Dleague. After 3 times in the dleague then the player is back to riding the pine in the NBA. There are also some oddities with NBA players playing in the Dleague. Dleaguers only make 12-24k a season and NBA rookies have a minimum of $427,163, and most make more than that. So that is weird with such a salary difference. Also NBAers keep their $106 DAILY per diem even in the Dleague, where as Dleaguers only get $25ish. Just a funny fact to through out there.

I will try to keep up with your webpage and podcasts. Keep up the good work.

Jason – the cousin


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