Links 1/26/2008 – Kellan

I was surprised to find the inspiration for “Hey there Delilah” was a runner. Despite the perspective of that article I still like the song. Plus I get to see just what that guy was talking about.

A fictional conversation between the Mannings. This is for you Jeff.

I just checked the games for the evening and realized that the only game I cared about was the San Antonio-New Orleans game. One in four on a Saturday night is not good. Especially on the NFL Superbowl Week break. C’mon NBA. We deserve better.

I liked this article about Sebastian Telfair. Ever since I read The Last Shot I’ve been interested in the kids that come out of Coney Island. It was definitely one of the top three sports books I’ve read in my life. Maybe one day I’ll compile a list, but anyway. I was a little sad that Telfair didn’t mesh well with Portland, but I was not particularly surprised. The me first atmosphere that appears to be important where he comes from is something that Portlander’s don’t seem to worry about too much. Too bad, but I’m glad that he’s doing better. Really though, I think that he’s a player that could maybe let Minnesota have a couple of fun years if he can maintain and let people grow around him.

Here’s a good back and forth about marijuana laws and how they affect sports (as well as the regular public.) I liked what both sides have to say. Although to me it really doesn’t make sense that tobacco and nicotine are legal while marijuana is not while the latest credible studies all show marijuana to be a much less harmful drug than the other two. But remember David, in the United States marijuana is illegal so if you smoke it don’t be surprised if there are consequences.


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