Links 1/27/2008 – Kellan

The Suns are planning to play a game outdoors. The NBA will not be upstaged by the NHL and their outdoor hockey. In all seriousness, though, now that I’ve heard about it I’d like to go to the game. Maybe this can become a more common thing.

Here is an article that Jeff and I discussed for a moment in Podcast 8. It is about the Blazers and their “old men” ways.

On the last links post I complained about how bad the games were last night. Well the double header today may make up for it. Apparently I just need to get out of the house more on Saturday nights.

A Red Sox fan finds out that success and championships has its negative consequences for the fans as well. We’re beginning to feel this in Portland with the Trailblazers as tickets are beginning to be more and more scarce. The deals aren’t as good of deals as they used to be either. But it is what comes with success. Other people want to be there too when they get to see the excitement of their team winning. Maybe I should make a road trip down to Corvallis and go to a Beaver basketball game. Chances are tickets will be cheap.

I liked Kevin Johnson as a player. But would he make a good politician? I don’t live in Sacramento so I don’t get to vote. But if he wins it would be quite an accomplishment. Could KJ be the next Bill Bradley?

I thought this experiment set in Boston was pretty funny. It seemed that people were jeering mostly in fun. I don’t remember where I saw the site but I remember a story about an out of towner being tied to tree after saying “Boston Sucks” or “your opponent is better” or something like that. Maybe Boston fans have calmed down with their total dominance of all major sports.

Poor Dolphins can’t even beat a college team. Okay, it was retired players and it was flag football. But still, shouldn’t a Marino led team be able to win?

Who are the Packer’s Bikini Girls? Sportsbubbler has the answer.

I just finished watching the Boston-Orlando game. Terkoglu’s shot at the end was sweet. I have to say that I currently like Orlando more than Boston. I was speaking to my friend earlier and came to the conclusion that if New England wins the Superbowl and the Celtics win the title this year on top of the Red Sox winning the World Series that I would not be able to stand it. The Boston media would suffocate the nation in a cloud of smug that would not dissipate until they lose next year. Please Celtics, wait a year.

A review of some of the players that came out of the 2006 draft class. Of course Portland has the best two with Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Here is a site that shows Rachel Bilson at the X-Games. Only barely sports related, but Rachel Bilson is just freaking hot.


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