Links 2/2/2008 – Kellan

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. I’m going with the Patriots. Let’s say 31-21. I think that the Giants will beat the spread, but will be unable to win the game. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

The Madden predictions for the Super Bowl.  Well it doesn’t seem to have been wrong since they started doing it.  And I think it’s going to be right again this year.

I talked about this in Podcast 9, but I’m still excited that Chris Webber is rejoining the Warriors. He has yet to play for them, but I think he’ll make a good addition to the team. They are a run and gun team, while Webber’s knees may not be great for that type of offense. But having Webber as a second option, slowing down the game on occasion and then speeding it back up when he’s out might serve the purpose of leaving there opponents with having to constantly change their offense to adapt to Golden State’s play. It’s another thing where we’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out though.

I’ve been fascinated by the Hollinger’s playoff odds since I first saw them. It currently has the Trailblazers at a 48.3% chance of making the playoffs. They need to pick up their game or else they aren’t gonna make it this year. On the other side, though, Golden State is currently at a 74.9% chance of making the playoffs. One of the teams will make, but hopefully they both will. Portland needs to start really playing. They lost a close game to the Cavaliers that they should have won, and they squeaked out a game against the Knicks. They’ve beaten teams that played better, but they aren’t playing as well as they were a month ago.
I enjoyed this argument of why Joe Johnson shouldn’t be in the All-Star game and even goes the extra step and tries to figure out who should. I understand the argument, but really the All-Star game is about the viewers getting to see who they want and having a lot of fun. This kind of sucks for Toronto because the rest of league tends to ignore them. But Joe Johnson is a recognizable star and the viewer may end up having more fun with Johnson in the line-up.

The Patriots may have taped the Rams practice before they beat them in Super Bowl XXVI. It’s an interesting side note of this season where Spy Gate really meant nothing because they weren’t ever able to use the tape. But maybe they were able to use the one when they won that Super Bowl.

Is there any truth to the idea that having sex before the game makes you a worse player? It looks like no, but the time spent searching for it can. So single guys should maybe not, while the guys with girlfriends and wives can say why not?

Hardwood Paroxysm breaks down the Pau Gasol trade. I too fear an NBA where the Lakers are totally dominant. I liked watching them lose to the Suns in the playoffs every year. Now they would probably win. Oh well, I’m waiting a couple of years for Golden State and Portland to really come into their own. Plus I really just don’t want the Celtics to win this year.


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