Links 2/6/2008 – Kellan

Here’s a book I’m planning on getting the next time I can find time to actually make it to a book store. It’s called The Kitchen Readings: Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson. The excerpt was great, although a bit PG-13. Good times though at Hunter’s sporting events. My favorite line came early: “Hunter had no problem with children, as long as they were willing to gamble along with everyone else.” I’ll let you know how things go when I’m done.

If anybody saw that terrible Tom Brady post I regretted and eventually took down I want to make amends. A much better post than mine was done over at Girls Gone Sports. So in case anyone hasn’t figured it out the Patriots lost. I can once again root for the Celtics. I will no longer worry about the cloud of smug consuming America from Boston.

Shaq goes to the Suns. I was discussing this with various people and think that the Suns may improve because of this. They may also tank terribly. I have to think the team will do well though and especially against teams with big men. I think Marion will do well in Miami as well. Yeah, Miami probably won’t be in championship contention anytime soon, but Marion will keep doing what he does. With Wade as the other big name he’ll get the respect he feels he deserves. I think it was always hard for him to realize that Nash and Stoudamire were what the team was really about. But he’ll either be the guy in Miami, or duck out and find a different team next year. Time will tell.
So the Portland Trailblazers won over the Chicago Bulls. Not sure how exciting it is that they only won by 3 when Chicago was missing Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich. They led basically the whole game but could never get a good lead. They need to be able to put away mediocre teams who are missing two of their starters with a bit less last minute stress. Maybe the All-Star break will do them well. They have seemed to be tired in the past couple of games I’ve seen. We’ll see how they do on the road trip leading to the break I guess. My prediction is that they go 2-2. With wins over Indiana and Houston and losses over Detroit and Dallas. The Houston game is interesting due to their proximity in the standings.

Could Ron Artest be moving to the Warriors? I don’t know what to think. I guess that Artest is a great player, but that is a lot of wild guys on one team. Then again with Stephen Jackson being a captain maybe it would just add to what they already have. They are currently the highest scoring team in the league, but they also allow the most points. Could the recent addition of Webber and maybe an Artest in the future give them the skills to widen that margin? I’m going to say yes. Don Nelson could keep things in check for at least one more good run at the playoffs this year. Come from the Jailblazers town though I know that you can’t keep that many crazies on a team for too long without hurting the franchise. Basically I’m excited about watching the controlled chaos that is the Golden State Warriors.

I found this site that I thought explained the situation happening in Seattle very well. Basically a group of people bought the Sonics and thought they could move them to Oklahoma City without anyone caring too much. They were surprised when people in Seattle fought to save the franchise. And now they are in a position where possibly the Hornets and Grizzlies may move cities. It appears that they jumped the gun and now have to fight crazy legal battles when things could have gone more smoothly if they had been more patient. Admittedly part of this occurred because of Hurricane Katrina and the Hornets temporary relocation to Oklahoma City. The fans there showed that they would show up and support a team, even if it was a team they knew would leave when the city was habitable again. I think with the Hornets doing very well, though, that New Orleans may start coming out and supporting, especially if they can make it to at least the second round of the playoffs. That playoff excitement could lead to quite an increase in ticket sales for next year.


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