Cleveland vs. Houston – Kellan

While waiting for Lost to come on this evening I decided to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Houston Rockets. I realized that I don’t really like either team. So much so that I root for both of them to make the other one look bad. Partly it is because I feel that Lebron James should somehow be able to be a part of these deals that continue to stack up the West. I mean Houston is 1/2 a game ahead of the Cavaliers in wins. But Cleveland is 4th in the East while Portland and Houston are tied for 9th place in the West.

That is a stacked West that appears to be getting worse. Yes, Miami got Shawn Marion, but Marion will have his first year in while where his team is nowhere near playoff contention. On the other hand Shaq will continue his streak of playing in the playoffs. Is there even one year since his rookie year that his team wasn’t in the playoffs?

Sorry, I got off on a tangent. But why I don’t like Cleveland is because Lebron deserves to be on a multi-superstar team that has a true chance at the Finals. I went to see if there was any possibility (only in fantasy land) that a Lebron James to the Suns trade could happen. Unfortunately they keep that thing updated so I can’t reproduce a Marion for James scenario. Too bad.

Then there is the Rockets. I think it is just Tracy McGrady that I dislike. Although since he bowed out of the All-Star voting I gained a bit more respect. Although the current root of the problem is most likely the fact that they are tied with Portland in the standings currently and I want the Blazers to get some playoff experience. Haven’t really liked the Rockets since they has Olajuwon back in the 90’s. Now that was a fun team.

Everytime Larry Hughes shoots I cringe. He is really bad. Definite candidate for the least valuable player if you just consider his shooting. But I went and checked out to see how Hughes stats were doing. I mean I have been considering him for the Least Valuable Player of the year. Really his only positive (or so it seems) is the number of offensive rebounds the team gets when he is on the floor. But when you think about it that is because he misses so many shots. So his bad shooting makes his team better rebounders (except for the fact that the Defensive rebounds are worse when he’s on the court).

If anybody thinks that any starter is a worse player than Larry Hughes let me know. I’ve already toyed with the idea of Stephon Marbury, but his total games for the season looks like it’ll end at about 10. Not enough to truly be a deficiency to the team. How about Jason Richardson who has a PER of 8.18. Or Bruce Bowen with a 6.93. Admittedly statistics always have a deficiency in recording “intangibles”. But if you combine some of these breakdowns you can get a better picture.


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