Golden State vs. Washington

I think Golden State is going to do well. They’re my team. They’re gonna do it. Enough said.

This evening I get to watch this game because MOJO+ television is broadcasting the NBA Network for four hours. I now want the NBA network. I saw so many sick moves and dunks in a 45 minute period. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt like a kid. It was great times. Now I just have to put down the money to have the network full time. Maybe I can swing it when I move into my next place.

I just watched the Blazers flame out against Houston. I’m hoping that the All-Star break will do the team some good. Brandon Roy is playing in both the Rookie-Sophomore and All-Star games, though. He gets to play back to back days on a weekend that is everyone’s break? Although I don’t think it will be quite as demanding as two games that count towards the playoffs.

On a recommendation from Jason Quick of the Oregonian I went and checked out Channing Frye’s blog. (Check it out on the links to the right.) Good writer. I also like hearing an athlete actually talking about the things that interest him. He weighs in Politics, does movie reviews, talks about his day to day life, and anything else without pretending he’s a expert. He comes across as a real person with opinions. I’m glad that blogs have become a way for fans to find out the more human side of these athletes that the leagues would have us believe are superhuman. Thank you Gilbert Arenas for beginning to popularize this and make it okay in the NBA.

In the time it took me to write this Washington put Golden State down by 18 points. I’m gonna have to start paying better attention to show my team more support.

Well, it’s half-time and things aren’t much better. Although what are you supposed to do against a team that scores 72 points in the first half? 72-55 at the half. I’ve seen entire games that end in that score. Hopefully Golden State can pick it up a little more in the second half and the Wizards cool down a bit.

As an aside I talked about the way my brother picked the Super Bowl winner. I was a little disappointed that his answer was entirely ignored. It’s done well for me in water cooler talk. Yeah for prime numbers.

At the end of the third it’s 95-84. This fast paced action is what got me liking the Warriors when I was a kid and it’s doing it for me now. An 11 point deficit that I think the Warriors can overcome. Washington is just hitting everything though. We’re on pace for almost a 240 combined score. People in Vegas are happy as long as they bet on the over.

End game. 120-117. Golden State pulled it off. I guess the score combined for 237. Still being from Portland we don’t see too many 200+ point combined games. Similar records but different styles.

Brady Traitor?

Just found this thanks to DJ Gallo. Hilarious.


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