Golden State vs. Phoenix

How excited am I for this game? I want to see the combined score hit more than 250. How many players will score 30? Four? Five? The two highest scoring teams in the league facing off. My dream come true. Plus Shaq is supposed to be playing tomorrow night, so this is Phoenix’s last night of being able to go full speed. I think they’ll stay in overdrive to prove that they’ll be able to keep it up with Shaq in the line-up. The games on. I’ll be back at the quarter.

Golden State is up. The game is fast paced. Last I checked they’d already combined to attempt 63 field goals and only two minutes have passed in the second. Is it possible to attempt 200 field goals in a game? I’m sure it’s happened before, but hopefully it happens tonight. This is what I love about basketball. And if the playoffs started tomorrow these two teams would be playing each other in a best of seven series? I don’t know if I could wrap my head around that series. Although things WILL slow down when Shaq comes in. Steve Nash may be able to get Shaq to fit into a faster offense than he is used to, but I don’t think they’ll ever be able to keep a pace like they are with Golden State. Note to teams: Golden State is dangerous in the playoffs because they will just keep running until you have to do it with them. Or else they can’t hit a shot and flame out. So teams need Golden State to play poorly or they’re in big trouble.

Alright, it’s 50-48 Golden State. There are still 6 minutes left in the second quarter. Anyone who is a basketball fan should watch this game cause it’s like watching the All-Star game except the players care about the outcome. There will be many a highlight from this game. Oh, and it’s now 75 field goal attempts and they’ve hit 40 of them. Awesome.

Only 98 field goal attempts in the first half. They’ll have to pick it up in order to get over 200 for the game. Or go into overtime. Anyway, I’ll be back after the half. I have to go buy some new shoes for work (apparently black skate shoes don’t count as business casual.)

Man, I hate that I have to pay over $50 for a pair of shoes that are suitable for work that I’ll wear in no other situation (maybe a wedding, although I’ll probably still wear sneakers.) So the score at the end of the third is 90-87. They have taken a combined 140 shots (171 if you count free throws). So unless the fourth quarter is even crazier than the rest of the game they’ll need to go into overtime for them to break the 200 shot mark.

Just did a quick search to find the highest scoring game ever. 186-184 Pistons over Nuggets back in 1983. It took three overtimes to do it. Could the new faster paced teams reach that mark? I certainly hope so. but 370 combined points is pretty ridiculous.

The game has ended, Golden State has won. 120-118. 183 field goal attempts with 97 of them making it. No one led by more than six. Please let these teams play in the playoffs.


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