Links 2/14/08 – Kellan

Seeing as how I’m doing nothing for Valentine’s Day, and it’s been a little bit since I did a links post here are the things that I’ve been checking out.

I was at Fred Meyer the other day and thought I’d pick up The Kitchen Readings. Somehow Fred Meyer did not have one copy of this (or really any sports books at all), but they did have a bajillion romance novels. Oh well, I have a Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Powells all within 10 minutes of each other. So hopefully at least one of those three will have it. First, though, I have to get through The Rum Diary.

Hunter S. Thompson's first novel

As long as I’m on books I’ll share with you the other things I am (or should be) reading. Volvano is a book about Jim Volvano a college basketball coach in the 70s-80s. There was a pretty big scandal while he was coaching. I’m a little over half-way through the book. It moved well in the beginning but has started to bog down as it heads towards the inevitable fall (so far it is still pretty optimistic.)

When I went home this weekend my family gave me these books to read. Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card (thank you Kinzee). JPod by Douglas Coupland (thank you Kyle). The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly (thank you Dad). Exact Revenge by Tim Green (thank you Grandma). I may disappear for a couple of days so I can get through all these.

I enjoyed this story of why Larry Hughes has been having such big games. If it’s true look out for Cleveland.

Here is the gameflow of last night’s terrific game between Golden State and Phoenix. Here’s another courtesy ESPN that shows a bit better how fast paced this sucker was. I’m most excited to watch Phoenix, Golden State, and New Orleans in the playoffs. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Portland isn’t making the cut this year depite the fact that they’ll finish in the top 16 in win pct by the end of the season. The west is too good and outside of another 13 game win streak I don’t see them catching the teams above them with the ridiculous competition in the West.

Here is an interview with the ladies from Girls Gone Sports. The pictures weren’t working, but I’ve seen enough good ones on the site that I guess I can miss a couple. I did like the part at the end where they talk about how difficult it is to maintain the blog on top of a full-time job. One day I’ll figure out a way to post everyday, and then maybe people will actually start reading this.

Thank you to Deadspin for talking about the parallels between an undefeated college basketball team and an undefeated NFL team.

In steroid news more people lied about a lot of stuff. Hey people, quit using steroids. They’re illegal and you make millions of dollars a year. Let it go or fight to legalize it (and increase safety precautions) and openly embrace what they do for the sport. I can’t stand anymore of this “We didn’t know it was happening” crap from anyone in the NFL or MLB. I bet that there are some in the NBA, but there is no one I would point to as suspect.

Signal to Noise has some words about how ridiculous all of the recruiting rules are. I liked how they compared Kelvin Sampson to Bob Knight. Really a totally abusive person gets better treatment than a guy who I assume is a smooth talker. It’s a weird world. But if people didn’t prey on teenagers for their programs it wouldn’t be an issue.

And I found this Superbowl story to be funny as well as creepy.  Is there a story involving sports, guns, and liquor that ever ends well?


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