Portland vs. Seattle – Kellan

I’m gearing up for the game right now. I didn’t care about Miami-Houston really. Then again the other game of the night was originally supposed to an Oden vs. Durant match-up but due to Oden’s injury and Portland’s lackluster February I imagine people in other cities might call the whole night a wash. Only 1 of those 3 teams is making the playoffs. It stands as the opposite of last night’s game with Phoenix and the LA Lakers. There were so many subplots and it was a fast paced and close game. Just a joy to watch. I’m afraid that I may have to cringe a couple of times tonight.

John Canzano explains why Darius Miles should retire. The opening story about him and Dennis Dixon going to a strip club (that is about 10 minutes away from where I live) is just hilarious. At least it seems like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Larry Hughes got traded. Now that he’s on the Bulls I can still use him for the Least Valuable Player if the Cavaliers make it deep into the playoffs. Let’s see what happens to this Bulls team. At least they finally did something to try and motivate these guys that headed into the season as heavy favorites to make it into the playoffs. Instead they are floundering in a weak Eastern Conference.

Halo 3

Channing Frye challenges anyone to a game of Halo 3. I got kind of burned out on playing but I think it’d be cool to see if I could hold my own against Channing. I seem to be able to rock all of my friends in one on battle, but Channing seems like he would be pretty competitive.

I’m excited that LOST is on this evening. Maybe I’ll do some sort of wierd LOST NBA comparison some time.

On another note for any of you comics fans out there. Wouldn’t you say that Sam Cassell could be nicknamed Deadpool? He’s “The Merc with a Mouth”. That Sam Cassell goes from team to team helping them cause havoc on their enemies. And the whole time he just keeps running his mouth and joking around. That is exactly what Deadpool’s schtick is. When I speak of Sam Cassell he will now be known as Deadpool. Let’s see if it ever catched on. Oh wait, the game is on. I’ll check back in later.

The games moving along alright I guess. I’m guessing Portland makes a run in the second half and the game ends at around 90-85. Although it’s close right now at 37-36 Portland with 6 minutes left in the first half.

Well Portland made a run at the end of the first half ending 51-41. Looks good. Maybe they can even let Roy rest in the second half. I wonder if my nominating Martell for LVP will inspire him to increase his on the floor production.

They just showed a piece of the Rose Garden half-time show and it made me glad I didn’t have to watch the whole act. Two brothers, one them flipping the other one time and time again until they land feet to feet. It was just weird. I wish I had a video so I could share my misery.

It ended 92-88.  My prediction was close at least.


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