NCAA Tournament

March 29, 2008

After last nights game the only team left that can score me any points in my bracket is UCLA.  The last numbers I looked at had about 30% of the country agreeing with me that UCLA will win it all.  They’re really good.  Kevin Love plays like someone who has studied the game thoroughly.  You see an understanding as he plays.  He’s very good about being at the right spot and knowing whether to shoot or pass.  They also have Russell Westbrook who’s a really strong point guard.  Then if Darren Collison has a good game on top of it they’re a really tough team to beat.

Stephen Curry

I’m kind of excited that my bracket is broken.  I get the chance to watch the games and not cheer or root because it will help me win the office pool, but because it’s a really good game and fun to watch.  Because I am seeing a high level of basketball.  The Elite 8 and on will be tons of fun.  Being able to root on Davidson along with the rest of the country.  I don’t like David and Goliath analogies, I more tend to think that when the selection committee seeded they did a real poor job with Davidson.  I guess we’ll see how good they are tomorrow at 2:05.

Chris Webber

March 27, 2008

Good by Chris Webber.  I enjoyed you in the beginning of your career as you played on my team.  I enjoyed watching you make Sacramento a power to be reckoned with.  I even got excited when I heard you were coming back to Golden State.  Now you get to retire a Warrior.  Leaving the league with the team you started with.  Thank you for your wonderful career.

Chris Webber

Episode 18

March 25, 2008

March madness.  You feelin it?  If you are great, so am I.  If not, it’s ok, we talk about baseball too.

Episode 18

Franchise tag

March 25, 2008

This is Jeff, and I’ve started a new segment.  I’ll be talking about things that we normally don’t get to on the regular podcast.  This week it the franchise tag in the NFL.  I’ve never truely understood the tag and now I do.  I just hope Dallas Clark stays in Indy.

Franchise Tag

Dallas done? – Kellan

March 25, 2008

Poor Dallas.  I had already picked them as the team to fall out of the playoffs and then Dirk gets hurt.  As a note I said either Phoenix or Dallas would fall and then Phoenix won their next seven games so I’m stuck with Dallas as my prediction.  But Dallas is not looking good at only 1 game ahead of Golden State and only 1 1/2 games ahead of Denver.  Tonight they play the Clippers.  If they do not win this game I don’t see them being able to stay where they’re at.

Denver and Golden State are going to win more games than they lose, but I’m not sure that Dallas will do the same thing.  Dallas and San Antonio are the worst teams in the West’s top 10 in the past ten games.  Dallas is 5-5 and San Antonio is 4-6.  Most teams only have about 12 games left on their schedule.  So if Dallas loses two more games in that stretch than Denver or Golden State they are done for.

Should Avery Johnson be on the chopping block?  I say no.  He’s done amazing things with this team.  I think the fault lies in the trade.  If they had gotten Jason Kidd a month earlier they might have been able to do it.  And maybe those 12 games will be enough time.  But with Dirk out indefinitely (which can mean anything from next week to next season) they are going to have to rely on their bench, but the trade I think hurt them there too.  The West is entirely too strong to change the decision maker in mid-stream.

The Kitchen Readings – A Review by Kellan

March 20, 2008

I will start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I’ve been interesting in Thompson for a number of years and finally getting a peek into what his life was actually like was a spectacular way for me to spend some time.

Out of all of the essays “The Mayor’s Daughter and an Awkward Moment” was the best written.  Many of the stories seem to be building to a good punchline but the end turns out to be quite anti-climactic.  The way that they tell the whole story and not one moment further is what I think pushes the essay to a level beyond the others.

Hunter S Thompson

In general the essays that were told in the first person were those that were the most entertaining.  This makes sense because nine times out of ten when you tell a story you’ve heard but didn’t experience it’s not going to be as good as someone who was actually there.  Despite the lower level of overall story-telling I did like that they had those chapters because it added much more depth to the happenings in the book.
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Episode 17

March 18, 2008

Can you handle the intensity that is our NCAA coverage?  Can you understand our ramblings on the NBA?  I bet you can’t wait until August when football starts ramping up.  It’s okay, we’re just here to help.

Episode 17