Random Notes – Kellan

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy. I finished up some of those books I had stacked up. I’m going to try and write a review for The Kitchen Readings in the next couple of days. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy Hunter S. Thompson.


I also went to go and watch Semi-Pro this weekend. It was a funny movie. It was all of the crudeness that I’ve been craving. Ferrell was good, but really it was the supporting cast that made the movie shine. Really my only problem with Will Ferrell is that his character was the exact same as like 4 other movies he’s done. (I’m not sure if I’ll see the one where he and his stepbrother live at their parents place and act like 9 year olds, I already sat through Kicking and Screaming.) Although the shtick works in this one, so why fix something that ain’t broke? The basketball scenes were pretty good as well. It fit the typical sports movie mold pretty well (although the love story seemed really forced to me, if you’re gonna throw a love story in there at least have some highs and lows in there.) Although the brother/boyfriend? (I couldn’t really tell) was pretty funny and had easily the grossest and most awkward scene in the movie. I enjoyed that so many SNL alum were in the cast, as well as a variety of other people who have worked in the recent Apatow comedies.

I am enjoying how Golden State has been playing lately even if they are only 1 1/2 games ahead of Denver. I think that Houston (although still keeping the streak alive) are in for rocky times and in a West that strong they can’t afford to lose games (they are only 2 1/2 games ahead of the Warriors). It takes a real short losing streak to drop right of the playoffs at this point in the West.

Jeff went to New York this last weekend (I imagine we’ll talk about this in the podcast tomorrow night) and while he was their asked people who they thought we’re going to win the championship in the NBA. They only considered East teams because they thought that the East had by far the most dominant players. Although they do have some powerhouses over there Cleveland wouldn’t be in the playoffs if they were in the West. They’d be in tenth place. I respect Cleveland, and you can’t forget that the Raptors round out the top five. But neither Cleveland nor the Raptors are winning the title this year. I could buy Orlando, Detroit, or Boston. And really any of the top nine could beat any of the others in the West. So I have nine title contenders in the West vs. three in the East. I am excited for the finals but I’m pretty sure I’ll avoid the lopsided first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

One more note on this East versus West.  Right now there are 10 teams in West that have a winning record versus the East.  There are 4 teams in the East (5 if you count the Raptors being even) that have a winning record versus the West.  My thing with the Celtics is I don’t think they’ve paced themselves well.  They came out strong and didn’t let up.  In two months when it is playoff time are they going to be able to keep that intensity while playing a contender every game (after the first round)?  I think they’re going to run into problems.  Although whoever is left at the end of the West playoffs is going to have had to work pretty hard the whole way.  I still say the Spurs are going to take it, but I still fantasize that Golden State can play at a high level for the whole playoffs.


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