Portland vs. Milwaukee – Kellan

My current viewing options are few a bad. I could watch the Chicago vs. Boston game in HD, but it’s 49-75 at this point. I don’t like watching it when things are this lopsided (although I wish I could watch Golden State right now beating Miami 128-92, take that accuscore. My other choice is a Portland vs. Milwaukee game that has already had 27 free throws and 19 personal fouls. Hopefully the play picks up in the second half.

Baron Davis being awesome

So I really think that Golden State is going to find a way to get into the playoffs and shake things up. I think that Denver has a fair chance too. And it’s because of the Jason Kidd and Shaquille O’Neil. I love these guys, but they do not seem to be the greatest fits for their teams. And even if they come through and start meshing better with their respective teams then they might find themselves out of the playoffs. It’s not enough to win half of your games. The guy behind you is winning more than half and will catch and then pass you. Denver is only 2 games behind Golden State. And Phoenix has been falling. I think the West is too strong for teams to be able to allow for an adjustment period. The teams that moved small pieces are doing well. But Jason Kidd and Shaquille O’Neil make other people change to their styles of play. Maybe they should’ve been dealt earlier in the season. But I have a feeling those on the fringes of the playoff hunt aren’t going to let up.

A big thanks to Nick for filling in for me on this weeks podcast. It was laundry time and it was a blast. The light in the laundry room was broken and it only had one set of machines instead of the ordinary two. I did find that if I took my laundry out of the dryer before time expires things become cheaper. Normally it’s $1.25 to start a load of laundry and you get sixty minutes out of it. So each quarter buys you 12 minutes of time. Now if you are adding additional time then you get 15 minutes a quarter (yes, bonus three). But if you’re laundry is done with like 5 minutes left and you throw in three quarters then you’ve done two loads for $2.00 (saving yourself a cool 50 cents.) Somewhere my parents are either proud or cringing at my ridiculous attempts to save money.

Portland wins. The second half was better than the first. I still thing that Portland should’ve had a better hold of the game from the beginning. They are better than the Milwaukee Bucks. It should be obvious. It is the first game of a road trip though. Although their opponents (Milwaukee, New York, Cleveland, Sacramento) aren’t that difficult. Okay, Cleveland yes, but they should win at least 3 of the games. Then they get to play at home against Minnesota. I do not think Portland will make the playoffs, but they’ll get at least 41 wins.


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