LA Lakers vs. Houston Rockets – Kellan

Well I woke up early and saw my friends off to Canada. Now it’s time to watch some basketball. I thought I’d just watch the two ABC games because they are the only games today where both teams are going into the playoffs. Although I’d be interested to see the Dallas vs. Miami game because I’m now getting to the point where I am openly rooting for Dallas to lose. I’m not even entirely sure how it happened. I used to love watching Dallas when Jason Kidd was drafted there. Now he’s back and it may have been the thing to push me over. I just think it would serve Dallas right to be knocked out of playoff contention. That many blockbuster trades right next to each other and just keeping your team could have been a good move. I think they lost too much size and Kidd is just not the player he once was.

The D-league has expanded to Reno. I like it that the D-League is expanding, but I’m interested to see what team will associate themselves with the team. I like that some teams (LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs) have their own teams. But I kind of like that Seattle and Portland share a team in Boise. One of the things that I haven’t heard about is if the affiliation between the Sonics and the Stampede will continue if they move to Oklahoma City (which strikes me as more of a D-League city than an NBA city). I have a feeling that that affiliation will switch to another team and the Stampede will work solely with the Trailblazers.

Brent Petway Dunking

In other D-League news Brent Petway challenges Dwight Howard to a dunk contest. You can watch his video right here. I actually thought he did a fairly good job of reproducing the dunks that Dwight Howard did for All-Star weekend.

The good men over at Golden State of Mind have created a couple of good images of the team. Below this paragraph is the one that I think looks the coolest. But I really liked the Run-BMS. Having grown up on Run-TMC I gotta love referencing back to that great period. But this Monta Ellis as Tony the Tiger is awesome.

Monta Ellis is great!

I found this courtesy of Deadspin. Basically Bob Costas breaks down some of the problems that this fairly new format of blogging has. I’m think that some new vocabulary needs to be invented to differentiate the between purely opinion and the more news driven blogs. Also this would be less of a problem if people did less straight up complaining and instead began putting more emphasis on analysis. I’m trying to get better at it, but please call me out if I become one of those people.

Sports by Brooks brings a reason to begin following the biathlon events. I speak of Magdalena Neuter of Germany. I love how a hot women being successful in minor sports helps those sports warrant more coverage. Or in the cases of Anna Kournikova and Danica Patrick just being hot without being successful.

So New Orleans just lost terribly to Detroit. But I am excited to watch the Rockets take on the Lakers. How can you not be excited to see a team that’s gone more than a quarter of a season without a loss? Especially playing against the perpetual villainy of the Lakers. Although I may be biased because they are rivals with basically every team in the West.

Wow. The Rockets are up by 15 at the half and Tracy McGrady has not scored. That’s how good the Houston Rockets are. The bench has been amazing. And the Lakers are committing stupid fouls. There is no reason to already have two technicals in the first half. It’s especially inexcusable because that is two free points. And in the final minute of the half it was crazy watching the Lakers fall apart and allow an extra 5 points. I’m excited for the second half.

The Rockets won.  They’re freaking awesome.  22 in a row and they looked like they deserved it.  I hope that some of their games are televised this week.  It was fun to watch them put it to the Lakers.  And it looks like the Lakers may have some difficulties without Bynum or Gasol in their lineup.



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