NCAA Tournament

After last nights game the only team left that can score me any points in my bracket is UCLA.  The last numbers I looked at had about 30% of the country agreeing with me that UCLA will win it all.  They’re really good.  Kevin Love plays like someone who has studied the game thoroughly.  You see an understanding as he plays.  He’s very good about being at the right spot and knowing whether to shoot or pass.  They also have Russell Westbrook who’s a really strong point guard.  Then if Darren Collison has a good game on top of it they’re a really tough team to beat.

Stephen Curry

I’m kind of excited that my bracket is broken.  I get the chance to watch the games and not cheer or root because it will help me win the office pool, but because it’s a really good game and fun to watch.  Because I am seeing a high level of basketball.  The Elite 8 and on will be tons of fun.  Being able to root on Davidson along with the rest of the country.  I don’t like David and Goliath analogies, I more tend to think that when the selection committee seeded they did a real poor job with Davidson.  I guess we’ll see how good they are tomorrow at 2:05.


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