NCAA Championship Game – Kellan

This has been an extremely exciting game. Overtime is just beginning. I found myself rooting for Kansas as I started watching the game. I feel it has to do with my obsession with free throws and the fact that I don’t think a poor free throw shooting team should be able to win a championship. If Memphis loses it will be because they missed so many free throws in the last two minutes of the second half.

I checked the NBA games today and was at first surprised to find there were no games. Then I remembered that the Championship game was tonight. I do like that sports give a nod to other ones. There are NBA games during SuperBowl Sunday, but they finish before the actual game starts. I just like that different leagues play themselves down as others are dealing with figuring out who is the best.

18.2 seconds left. Kansas up by five and shooting free throws. Pretty much sealed up. Good times all around as I get to see Kansas win. You gotta hit your free throws to win big games. Yeah.

Kansas Wins


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