San Antonio vs. Phoenix – Game 4

I’m gearing up for game 4 between San Antonio and Phoenix. I want Phoenix to win for a couple of reasons. First, I made a bet with Jeff that no one in the West would sweep. Second, I really wanted to see a Lakers-Suns match up this year. That had a lot of potential plot lines. Shaq vs. Kobe (I liked the NBA Playoffs commercial they did too), Shaq vs. Los Angeles, Phoenix has knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs for the last couple years. The Phoenix vs. Lakers games in the playoffs were already really good, I think that adding in Shaq made it even more interesting. And the third reason is that my buddy Abel is a HUGE Suns fan. Things aren’t looking too great for Phoenix, but Abel will shortly be a father (his boy is due next week.)

Raja Bell clotheslining Kobe Bryant

One more thing on a Phoenix vs Lakers series. Kobe has been smiling so much lately I think he needs a little run-in with Raja Bell.

Delonte West just hit a killer three pointer to put Washington down 3-1 on the series. It seems like if at least two other people on Cleveland can have good offensive games that the Cavaliers looks like a team that should be in the Playoffs. Delonte West and Daniel Gibson were the ones for Cleveland in this Game 4. It looks like Cleveland should be able to finish this series without too much difficulty. Now what happens when they get to Round 2?

Here’s a quick link in honor of my fallen Golden State Warriors. It’s a pretty good YouTube movie in the vein of the NBA “Where _____ happens.” commercials.

Phoenix has come out well. But can they maintain through the whole game? It seems like that’s been their problem in the previous games. Maybe they’ll use a little bit less Shaq and allow themselves to run.

Well it’s half-time and the Phoenix is winning handedly. They are winning by so much that the television has been turned to video games and I will be streaming the score from I’m excited that it looks like Phoenix will win the game. And if they win this one whose to say they won’t win the next one? Good stuff.

So Phoenix just put DJ Strawberry in. Game over. Congratulations Phoenix. You’re still alive and I have the ability to win my bet that there will be no sweeps in the West. Now I just need Denver to get their act together.


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  1. Peerapong says:

    Oh!! Look dangerust basketball. I played. I plan too.

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