Lakers Win, I still have a chance to be half right – Kellan

May 30, 2008

So the Lakers won last night.  They are the Western Conference champs and are on their way to the finals.  I’ll admit it, I underestimated the Lakers.  They won in five games when I expected the Spurs in six.  Then again I underestimated the Lakers and I think overestimated the Spurs.  I’ve just seen the Spurs over-acheive year after year.  But this year I think there were too many teams that were of a high playing level.  Throughout the season everyone (including me) talked about the West vs. East dominance.  That the West is so close in skill level while there appears to be a huge disparity in the East.  There is some truth to that, but the Lakers has not had a truly close series yet.  They haven’t had to go to a game seven yet.  They’re the only team in the playoffs to sweep, costing me a hard earned dollar.

Kobe balancing basketball

I still think that the Lakers are going to have to go up against Detroit, though.  Rip Hamilton is listed as ready to go, Detroit is at home, and Boston nearly blew a huge lead in the fourth quarter at home.  My initial pick of Detroit in six is no longer possible, but I think it’d be a good time to watch Detroit beat Boston in Boston.  Watch Rasheed Wallace go crazy tonight after being fined for complaining about the refs and using curse words to do it (note to ‘Sheed, wait until you get in your car and then let loose the expletives, then you don’t have to pay a fine).

Ray Allen is going to disappear again.  He had a big game in game 5, but I think he’s done for the year.  I’m not sure what happened, but him sucking started awful close to an E:60 story coming out about his family troubles (someone tried to kill his dad, or his stepdad, and the trial finished a little bit ago).  He played great while all the drama was happening in his life, and once it stopped he did too.  Just a conjecture.

Garnett will score a lot of points and get a lot of rebounds, but his teammates will struggle all night long until Detroit finally goes on a run to keep things out of reach.  Watch out for Maxiell to step up, or Stuckey.  Those guys are good and getting better, pretty much the opposite of Ray Allen who is currently good buy steadily getter worse.

My prediction for tonight, Detroit 101-Boston 84.

Am I wrong? – Kellan YES you are! – Jeff

May 22, 2008

I’ve picked a San Antonio vs. Detroit NBA finals. Both of the teams I have picked have dropped game 1. Am I wrong? I say no. San Antonio did fall apart, but I could see it happening in the first half. At the point where my roommate was cheering for San Antonio being up by so much and Kobe seemingly doing nothing about it. I explained to him that what Kobe was doing was making his team stay in the game. Kobe can take over a game, but that is a much more effective strategy in the second half than the first. Instead he kept his team in the game and when it came time for Kobe to take over all of his teammates were able to act like a good supporting cast rather than a bunch of people stuck on the same team as Kobe. It worked, San Antonio fell apart. I think the problem was that they didn’t take enough threes, you know, since their percentage was so high.

In Game 2 I see San Antonio coming out and doing what they need to do to prevent a third quarter slump that has been plaguing them. And maybe they’ll start taking it to the rim and slowing the game down when the other team is making a run. I still think that San Antonio is strong and has enough fire power to take down the Lakers.

Kevin Garnett

I have to admit that I missed a lot of the Celtics-Detroit game, but I caught the end. KG is the man, but what happens if Detroit actually plays a good game? Allen is next to non-existent at this point leaving the big 2. And Pierce and Garnett are nothing short of amazing, except that Garnett doesn’t seem to be able to hit that extra gear in crunch time because he starts out using it. Plus the Celtics have Doc Rivers as their coach. A man whose success is not really his own (as has been shown by his inability to take advantage of the disparity between the Celtics and the competition). In the regular season teams feared the Celtics, but Detroit has no fear. They have a better coach. One who can make good decisions and knows who should be playing in the game.

So am I wrong, I don’t think so, but a week from now I guess we’ll see the answer.

NBA Conference Finals Predictions – Kellan

May 20, 2008

Last night the Hornets lost to the Spurs finalizing the final match-ups in the Conference Finals.  The Hornets did an amazing thing this year, they made people realize how good they were and got their attendance to a point where it no longer seems like they’ll have to move from New Orleans.  Chris Paul had a breakout year to become the best point guard in the league.  The Hornets got much needed experience (which really looked to be what San Antonio used to finish the Hornets at home.)  Look out for them next year.

I’m taking San Antonio in 6 over the Lakers.  A lot of people have the Lakers as a favorite, and a Lakers Celtics Finals would be crazy, but I still think the Lakers are a year away.  The Spurs have had a much tougher road to the Conference Finals.  When they played the Suns it only went 5 games, but it was 5 hard fought games.  Plus they didn’t get a rest because the Hornets took down the Mavs in 5 games as well.  Then it took 7 games to put away the Hornets.  I have a feeling that the Lakers will come out big in Game 1, but wil then start having problems in Game 2.  Kobe has been good, but it seems like he’s shifting back into a me-first offensive style.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the games actually play out.

Boston against Detroit should be good times.  The “best team of the regular season” has been anything but in the playoffs.  If not for Paul Pierce having the biggest game of his career (he may have had a better game before, but this was a game 7 shootout with Lebron James) the Celtics could have been sent home.  If a Cleveland player (other than Lebron and Delonte) was able to hit a couple of shots it could have made the difference.  Then it also took the Celtics seven games to beat the Hawks?  I am going to pick Detroit in 6 for this series.  Detroit knows how to keep their composure, and they look like a better team than they were last year.  I don’t see Boston being able to maintain unless Ray Allen is able to make his presence known.  Boston won’t be able to maintain for long if they don’t turn things around.  The Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers are both teams that should have taken Boston no more than 5 games a piece to beat.  They are currently underachieving by 4 losses at this point (by my reckoning).  I think it may be too late for Boston to turn things around.  Detroit is going to be fresh when they tip off tonight and I think that they have a real chance to steal home-court advantage in one of the first two games.

Again time will tell, but I’m feeling that we may be seeing a Detroit vs. San Antonio Finals again.  David Stern will not be happy, and neither will I.  But then again the Hornets were the last team in contention that I was able to root for.  Now it’s time to root for good games and see which team is truly the best this year.

Western Playoffs Game 4’s – Kellan

May 11, 2008

This weekend I didn’t watch as many games as I should have, but the series to watch is the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets anyway. Watching Chris Paul emerge is amazing. The first article I wrote for this site was called The Assist. I am seeing Chris Paul become a player that seemingly has no ceiling. He knows exactly when to score and when to pass. His steals really help set the tone for the Hornets as well. So a bit of advice; watch the New Orleans games because Paul isn’t the only player you’ll be hearing from in the years to come. Tyson Chandler has emerged as a real force and David West was an All-Star this year. Stojakovic just needs to keep raining down the threes and I don’t know if there is any team that can stop them. That is just too many offensive options.

So the Jazz have just gone on a crazy run and it’s all about Deron Williams. I’m hoping that Brewer can be his alley-oop guy like Chandler is for Paul. I hope Williams can maintain this level of play. It’s one of the differences between good and great players. Good players can have great games and mediocre games but great players consistently have good to great games. So please Deron learn that consistency so that I can like watching the Utah Jazz again.

I have to say that I just keep liking Channing Frye more and more. He talks about real things and you can notice how he’s getting better at writing too. I wonder if all of this blogging will eventually create more basketball books. I would read something Gilbert Arenas wrote.

That was a real hard foul by Turiaf. Seemed like it just happened in the course of things and wasn’t as bad I’ve seen in other games. But man he made the guy bleed. That is definitely not something you’re supposed to do in basketball.

Here’s a pretty cool article about Chris Andersen of the Hornets and his mother if you have a free fifteen minutes.

Pfft, Derek Jeter

May 9, 2008

Just really quick, six reasons why I’m insanely jealous of Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees…

(In no kind of order)



Is it not enough to have dated one of these beautiful women, but all six.  Not cool Derek.  Did your mother not teach you to share?

Episode 23

May 6, 2008

Watch out, we’re on location.  Do’in the podcast from a laptop, watch’in Boston and Cleveland.  At least the podcast was better than the game.

Episode 23

Episode 22

May 1, 2008

Oh deuces.  You know what made this episode one of the best, Kellan cough’in over the money.  It’s a good feeling, one that can keep me warm at night.  Having his money and being able to rub it in, does life get any better?  I don’t see how it can.  Oh, and we did talk about some sports along the way.  And by sports I mean just NBA playoffs, we ran a little long.

Episode 22