Western Playoffs Game 4’s – Kellan

This weekend I didn’t watch as many games as I should have, but the series to watch is the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets anyway. Watching Chris Paul emerge is amazing. The first article I wrote for this site was called The Assist. I am seeing Chris Paul become a player that seemingly has no ceiling. He knows exactly when to score and when to pass. His steals really help set the tone for the Hornets as well. So a bit of advice; watch the New Orleans games because Paul isn’t the only player you’ll be hearing from in the years to come. Tyson Chandler has emerged as a real force and David West was an All-Star this year. Stojakovic just needs to keep raining down the threes and I don’t know if there is any team that can stop them. That is just too many offensive options.

So the Jazz have just gone on a crazy run and it’s all about Deron Williams. I’m hoping that Brewer can be his alley-oop guy like Chandler is for Paul. I hope Williams can maintain this level of play. It’s one of the differences between good and great players. Good players can have great games and mediocre games but great players consistently have good to great games. So please Deron learn that consistency so that I can like watching the Utah Jazz again.

I have to say that I just keep liking Channing Frye more and more. He talks about real things and you can notice how he’s getting better at writing too. I wonder if all of this blogging will eventually create more basketball books. I would read something Gilbert Arenas wrote.

That was a real hard foul by Turiaf. Seemed like it just happened in the course of things and wasn’t as bad I’ve seen in other games. But man he made the guy bleed. That is definitely not something you’re supposed to do in basketball.

Here’s a pretty cool article about Chris Andersen of the Hornets and his mother if you have a free fifteen minutes.


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