Am I wrong? – Kellan YES you are! – Jeff

I’ve picked a San Antonio vs. Detroit NBA finals. Both of the teams I have picked have dropped game 1. Am I wrong? I say no. San Antonio did fall apart, but I could see it happening in the first half. At the point where my roommate was cheering for San Antonio being up by so much and Kobe seemingly doing nothing about it. I explained to him that what Kobe was doing was making his team stay in the game. Kobe can take over a game, but that is a much more effective strategy in the second half than the first. Instead he kept his team in the game and when it came time for Kobe to take over all of his teammates were able to act like a good supporting cast rather than a bunch of people stuck on the same team as Kobe. It worked, San Antonio fell apart. I think the problem was that they didn’t take enough threes, you know, since their percentage was so high.

In Game 2 I see San Antonio coming out and doing what they need to do to prevent a third quarter slump that has been plaguing them. And maybe they’ll start taking it to the rim and slowing the game down when the other team is making a run. I still think that San Antonio is strong and has enough fire power to take down the Lakers.

Kevin Garnett

I have to admit that I missed a lot of the Celtics-Detroit game, but I caught the end. KG is the man, but what happens if Detroit actually plays a good game? Allen is next to non-existent at this point leaving the big 2. And Pierce and Garnett are nothing short of amazing, except that Garnett doesn’t seem to be able to hit that extra gear in crunch time because he starts out using it. Plus the Celtics have Doc Rivers as their coach. A man whose success is not really his own (as has been shown by his inability to take advantage of the disparity between the Celtics and the competition). In the regular season teams feared the Celtics, but Detroit has no fear. They have a better coach. One who can make good decisions and knows who should be playing in the game.

So am I wrong, I don’t think so, but a week from now I guess we’ll see the answer.


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