Lakers Win, I still have a chance to be half right – Kellan

So the Lakers won last night.  They are the Western Conference champs and are on their way to the finals.  I’ll admit it, I underestimated the Lakers.  They won in five games when I expected the Spurs in six.  Then again I underestimated the Lakers and I think overestimated the Spurs.  I’ve just seen the Spurs over-acheive year after year.  But this year I think there were too many teams that were of a high playing level.  Throughout the season everyone (including me) talked about the West vs. East dominance.  That the West is so close in skill level while there appears to be a huge disparity in the East.  There is some truth to that, but the Lakers has not had a truly close series yet.  They haven’t had to go to a game seven yet.  They’re the only team in the playoffs to sweep, costing me a hard earned dollar.

Kobe balancing basketball

I still think that the Lakers are going to have to go up against Detroit, though.  Rip Hamilton is listed as ready to go, Detroit is at home, and Boston nearly blew a huge lead in the fourth quarter at home.  My initial pick of Detroit in six is no longer possible, but I think it’d be a good time to watch Detroit beat Boston in Boston.  Watch Rasheed Wallace go crazy tonight after being fined for complaining about the refs and using curse words to do it (note to ‘Sheed, wait until you get in your car and then let loose the expletives, then you don’t have to pay a fine).

Ray Allen is going to disappear again.  He had a big game in game 5, but I think he’s done for the year.  I’m not sure what happened, but him sucking started awful close to an E:60 story coming out about his family troubles (someone tried to kill his dad, or his stepdad, and the trial finished a little bit ago).  He played great while all the drama was happening in his life, and once it stopped he did too.  Just a conjecture.

Garnett will score a lot of points and get a lot of rebounds, but his teammates will struggle all night long until Detroit finally goes on a run to keep things out of reach.  Watch out for Maxiell to step up, or Stuckey.  Those guys are good and getting better, pretty much the opposite of Ray Allen who is currently good buy steadily getter worse.

My prediction for tonight, Detroit 101-Boston 84.


One Response to Lakers Win, I still have a chance to be half right – Kellan

  1. khandor says:

    re:” Detroit 101, Boston 84

    In classic Mark jackson fashion …

    “Bostin is better than THAT.”

    The Pistons will win BUT not by as much as 17. 🙂

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