NBA Finals Game Two Roundtable

We’re going to try something new today.  Me and my buddies are going to take turns writing throughout the game and see what happens.  There’ll be commentary as well as links to random sites and probably some videos.

Kellan – Alright, I’m excited to see how this game goes.  I think Kobe will take better shots this game.  If he does I’m pretty sure the other Lakers will do better as well.  Boston needs to make sure that the Lakers score less than 100.  And Paul Pierce is going to need to play well.  Hopefully he doesn’t hurt himself in the process.  But as I said in a previous post, go Lakers.

Jeff – Ok, first of all, I would like to point out that Kellan did bet me that Pierce would out score Kobe in at least one game this series. I realize that bet may have been bad, but I’m glad Kellan’s on my side. And I also want to give a quick little nod…

That’s right, the winner of the 140th Belmont Stakes! Lets hear it for Da’ Tara!

Will – And now a word from our sponsor…

And we’re back.

Jeff – By the way the games is on now and we’re looking at 15-12 Lakers. I would like to point out that Nick is the only one cheering for Boston.

Kellan – Games all tied up.  Paul Pierce is playing well, but his movement does seem limited.  I was quite impressed with the dunk that Pau Gasol threw down mid-way through the first.  Just a nice move.  Garnett is just an excellent player.  He drove in and threw in a lay-up with three guys in the way.  This is turning into a pretty good game.

Will – In response to Jeff’s irrelevant comment about the Belmont Stakes on a post about the NBA Finals, here’s a cat with a lime helmet:

Also, we played miniature golf today. In my entire history of putt-putt golf, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a higher scoring game. I think we all learned a valuable lesson about teamwork and sportsmanship today that we will cherish forever.

Jeff – I would like to add two things, one Belmont Stakes happened yesterday and I would like to tip my hat, if you will Will, to the horse that won and not the horse that lost. Second, fully won the game of putt-putt. HIGH SCORE: 99!

Nick – We are getting towards the end of the 2nd quarter, Boston is very strong, and the fouls have mostly been in Boston’s favor. Many fans have been concerned for Paul Pierce, since he was injured in the first game. I have faith that he will overcome the pain and play on. This may hurt him later in the series.

Will – Congratulations to Jeff for his smashing success in the game of putt-putt today. We, of course, were playing the high-score variant of the game, where attempts to chip your ball outside of the field of play are rewarded with the highest honor: an automatic score of double to septuple the par for the hole. I think he’ll be going pro in the near future.  Oh, I think there’s a basketball game going on right now, or something. I heard that they just scored a touchdown.

Kellan – If Paul Pierce scores more than Kobe and Boston wins the I get two dollars.  I’m considering switching my allegiance over to the Celtics.  Rondo has been fun to watch.  Tipping the ball (not really a block, but it did stop the ball from going in) was an awesome the to do against Radmonivic.  Then runs down the floor and draws a foul.  I had forgotten that this is a break through year for Rondo too.

Nick-the game will end and there will be a winner. it will probably be boston by 8 points, that’s my best guess.

Jeff – Yeah, it’s looking like I will owe Kellan those two dollars. Kobes playing like crap and the score is currently 64-49 Boston.

Kellan – I wonder how much the playing venue will play into this series.  The Lakers are looking pretty bad right now.  They are going to have to play extremely well in order to just make the game seem like it was competitive.  Before the half Jeff was trying to sucker bet everybody by saying he would take the Lakers to lose by less than ten.  Nick really should have taken him up on the pink slips bet.  Didn’t seem like that good an idea then, though.

Jeff – I think that I might be done with crazy bets, At least for tonight. So, nobody took me up on the 20,000 for 20, car pink slips for 15, 100 bucks for 10 and finally 20 for 8. Yeah…so I’m glad none of my friends have big….I’ll leave it at that.

Kellan – Wow, maybe Jason had it right cause this sucker is close.  What happens if the Lakers actually pull this sucker out?  Will the entire Boston area have simultaneous heart attacks?

Jeff – Dang! I would have won ANY of those bets. I did lose one bet. The Lakers can’t win in five. To anyone that’s reading this, don’t gamble.

Nick – The Boston locker room, cannot be happy about this win, because they were up by 23 points with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter. It is a win but they kinda fell apart in the last few minutes. Boston has to remember to keep the lakers at bay or the series could take a wild turn when they go LA.

Well I think that went well.  Maybe we’ll do it for the next game too.


3 Responses to NBA Finals Game Two Roundtable

  1. Jason says:

    The Lakers have the Celtics just where they want them. And Kobe will score more points than Pierce, and thats “the Truth”.

  2. Jason says:

    Kobe scored more than Paul Pierce, but the Lakers got way too far behind to come back. They put forth a worthy effort though.

  3. Jason says:

    Happy Day, I made the KandJSports blog!! I am a celebrity!

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