NBA Finals Game 3 Roundtable

Jeff – Ok, so this roundtable formatt seemed to work last time so we’re back today doing it again. The third game in the 2008 NBA Finals just started and the Lakers are behind in the series by two games. We were just talking about this being the first game in LA and just how much the seats cost. For floor seat to the game you are looking at 21.000 dollars, if you want second row it’s costing you 16.000. As a big sports fan myself, I can not see an game worth that kind of cash. Superbowl tickets are cheaper. I’m just a little floored.

As for the game, we’re currently looking at 9-7 Lakers with 5:31 left. Both teams are shooting terribly right now and I’m afraid this maybe a long game.

Kellan – Kobe looks real good tonight, athough he’s only 3-6 from the line.  Gotta hit your free throws in big games.  I like the fact that Kobe’s guarding Rondo.  Good move Coach Jackson.  One more thing, Radmonovic is playing terribly.  He needs to step it up.

Jeff – At this point in the game I’m really thinking my bet of Pierce not outscoring Kobe is going to be safe for one more game. Kobe is sitting at 17 points right now, and Pierce has yet to score. The game is now at 40-29 Lakers with 4 minutes left in the first half.

 Still Jeff – Ok, it’s the half and Kobe is at 19 points for this game. He’s leading all players, yet is pissed he’s missed five field goals. I’m going to make Kellan type now, I’m going outside.

Kellan – Actually Kobe is upset about his five missed free throws.  Garnett is shooting terribly.  Why does he keep taking shots from beyond twenty feet?  Isn’t he a post player?  Vujacic is playing very well.  He’s doing exactly what he needs to do to keep the Lakers successful.  The Lakers are looking good to be able to keep ahead in this game.  Although the second half is another beast. What if Pierce starts hitting shots?  What if Garnett hits shots?  It seems like Boston is being plagued by what was wrong with the Lakers in the first two games, poor shot selection.

Jeff – And we’re back. It’s the start of the second half and before I get going, Will would like to say something. Will….

Will – I think that in this situation, it’s best to ask Kellan what he thinks of Doc Rivers. I didn’t know someone could foam at the mouth and form so many incoherent sentences without being infected with rabies until I asked Kellan what he thought about the coach of the Celtics. Most of what I did hear probably isn’t appropriate to post here. 😉

Jeff – I would include Sam Cassell in that question you ask Kellan. Anyways, during the break we received a comment from Jason and my favorite basketball fan Isabel. I agree that both teams should start showing up in the second half. Is I write this we are already six minutes into the third quarter and the Lakers have lost their lead. I guess the Celtics want to join the game.

Kellan – I’ve tried to write about my feelings on Doc Rivers and Sam Cassell in this space before and I had to move on because they make me angry. Allen is on fire.  Garnett is cold as ice.  But at least Garnett is getting his rebounds.  Paul Pierce is cold too but the only other thing he’s contributing to is the foul disparity.  I really want to watch the M. Night Shymalan (that guys last name is spelled all crazy and I’m too lazy to look it up) movie.  Sylvester Stallone looks inhuman right now.  These are the types of things you think about during a Lakers game.  At least Cassell hasn’t been on the floor in a while.

 Jeff – The game has 6:30 minutes left and I have been more then impressed with Vujacic. He’s shoot 6/8 and is sitting on 17 points in this game. It does make him the second leading scorer on the Lakers tonight, which is not good LA. Gasol and Odem have been getting rebounds, together they have 15, but they have only scored 10 point together.

I do feel I need to point out that when championship games are on the line, kids should be allowed to stay up and watch the game, so long as they are watching the game and not just trying to get out of going to bed.

Now a word from someone else’s sponsor…

Kellan – I not only condone the above message, I endorse it.  Jeff’s right, Vujacic is playing out of his mind.  I used to think it was kind of funny how Garnett will block people’s shot they take after the play is over, but now I’m finding it pretty annoying.  The Lakers are looking good to win the game, but there’s plenty of time left for the Celtics to come back.  They’re away though so I have to think that the Lakers keep the lead.  Pierce with a huge shot, but I think too little too late.  Offensive foul = Game Over.  Another Offensive Foul by Odom = really stupid.

Jeff – As Kellan just said, Laker win game 3 87-81. The series is now 2-1 Boston. Looking forward to game 4 I’m making an early prediction that LA takes that game as well as my Pierce/Bryant bet. Thanks to Jason and Isabel for commenting and watching the game with us. And that’s it.


6 Responses to NBA Finals Game 3 Roundtable

  1. Jason says:

    Isabel and I are watching the NBA finals again. I think the Lakers will take this game just because it is in LA. BUT with the game at 43-37 at the half, anyone can win it. At first thought, the Celtics should have a better second half because Garnett and Pierce played so poorly on the offense in the first half. However, going by that same theory, the Lakers should play better also because Gasol and Odom also played so poorly offensively. I still see the game going the Lakers way, because they are at home and playing more aggresively.

  2. Jason says:

    Garnett is looking good as the Celtics take the lead. If Kobe shoots better from the field than he does from the free throw line, the Lakers have a zero percent chance of winning!!

  3. Jason says:

    My wife’s family prefers to pronounce it M Night Sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong. Just in case you were wondering.

  4. Jason says:

    FYI Favorite Basketball Fan Isabel had to go to bed. I had to explain to her that it didnt matter if the Finals game was close or not. Bedtime is bedtime, and I am the Dad and I make the decisions. Ok, she doesnt talk yet so that didnt happen but if she would have asked, that is what I would have done. Really I just picked her up and put her in her crib and now she is asleep.

  5. Jason says:

    I dont know if you guys are watching the same commercials I am, but Jackie Moon commercials are Crazy Funny (Will Ferrell). I never saw the movie but the commercials make me laugh.

  6. Jason says:

    Those were two lame offensive fouls at the end of the game. I am surprised they were called. Kobe played well enough to get his team a victory. Who has the momentum for game 4?

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