NBA Finals Game 5

Getting ready for tip-off.  My thoughts are that LA will win this game and then lose game 6 against Boston.  I know you aren’t supposed to think a series is over until it’s actually over, but I just have a feeling that the Lakers are on the ropes.  If Boston can play well they can just finish things off and Boston can begin celebrating.  I know I originally though the Lakers would win, but in my defense I didn’t see them collapsing in games so easily.  Although I can also see Kobe going for 50 in this game and doing whatever it takes to not let the series end on his home court.  I already won the bet with Jeff that Paul Pierce would outscore Kobe in one game, and I don’t see it happening again (no matter how the rest of the series goes).

If I see Sam Cassell appear before Eddie House again I might just flip out.  I can’t believe a Doc Rivers coached team will probably win the title.  That guy lucked into job security.  If Garnett had not been traded to the Celtics that guy would’ve been gone by the All-Star break.  They’re singing the National Anthem, so I’ll be back after some game action.

Big Three

Kobe Bryant takes a three, he makes it.  I am not impressed.  He’s not that good at three pointers.  Although since he’s already taken one and made it maybe it will help his teammates’ confidence.

I thought it was funny when Paul Pierce fell down on their opening play and got a travel.  He looked at his teammate like he’d somehow wronged Pierce’s mother.  Hilarious.

Derek Fisher gets a three.  Maybe I was right about Kobe helping the other shooters confidence.

How has nobody dunked yet?  And why does Garnett keep shooting from so from so far away?  I know he has a good jumper, but I could have sworn he was a post player.  Rondo gave up an easy lay-up and passed it to Paul Pierce for a missed three.  Good move buddy.

Gasol is playing very well.  That’s a nice difference from the last couple of games.

Kobe with another three.  The Lakers with a large lead in the first quarter.  Didn’t this happen on Thursday?  Can the Lakers stave off their inevitable collapse until it’s too late for the Celtics to come back?  Or did Boston just decide that they want to win in Boston so they’d let the Lakers win this game?  I think Boston is too competitive for that, but maybe Doc Rivers is up to something.  I just don’t trust that guy.

Can Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, and Kobe Bryant all have good games on the same night?  I don’t know but Kobe just hit another three.  This is ridiculous.  On the other end Eddie House did get into the game before Cassell and immediately hit a three.  Way to go Doc, only took until game five of the Finals to figure out that you should play House before Cassell.

Kobe now has four threes.  I apologize to him for the many mean things I’ve said about his three point shooting.  He’s on par for like a 70 point game at this point.  Wouldn’t that steal a lot of the fire of the last game being an instant classic?

The Lakers are playing out of their minds.  But still after game 4 can any Lakers fan be feeling that great about the game?  Although it can’t happen two games in a row can it?

Does anybody cause all sound to be bleeped out more often than Kevin Garnett?  I know he’s intense, but he does realize that children are watching right?

Vujacic with the steal and then dunk.  Good move.  Then Paul Pierce blows a lay-up, but at least he was fouled(?).  I was really hoping for a good Paul Pierce vs. Kobe bryant shoot-out in this game.  unfortunately someone forgot to tell Pierce that if he won today’s game then the championship was his.

I think the new assassin move “Wanted” looks pretty cool.  As long as it embraces the fact that they get to re-write physics I’m good with it.  It makes great action movies.  In other movie news i watched “The Happening” yesterday. It was horrible.  I thought it was kind of funny, but I don’t think it was supposed to be.  How does Shyamalon get to keep making these crappy movies?  I know that “The Sixth Sense” and Unbreakable” were both pretty good.  But the other ones are questionable at best.  Even the ones I enjoyed I know weren’t very good.  I should’ve watched “The Hulk”.

Angelina Jolie in \

Trevor Ariza is in.  I’m pumped about it.  Go Trevor.  Although I wonder if Phil Jackson is trying to humiliate Doc Rivers.  The only Laker mainstay on the floor is Odom.  Apparently it worked because Rivers immediately put Sam Cassell in.  I like Rivers trying to one-up Jackson on the worst job of substitutions.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I liked Ariza coming in.

Turiaf just had an offensive foul because Kobe passed him the ball.  Farmar was ten feet from any defender with an easy passing lane from Kobe.  I think Kobe just doesn’t like Farmar.

I really hate the Lakers crowd.  They continued to chant MVP all during the playoffs.  It’s alright for maybe a game or two in celebration.  But now it’s just distracting.  And while Kobe is shooting free throws.  C’mon Los Angeles, I know you’re a bunch of fakes with a lot of money that thinks it cool to be at a big sporting event, but at least ACT like you’re real fans.  There’s enough celbrities in the audience any non-actor could easily get tips.

Alright Paul Pierce.  Now if we can get Bryant and Pierce to start trading off scoring (isntead of trading off scoring sprees) this game will hit a whole new level of entertainment.

I’m wondering who the target demographic of “The Bucket List” is, it’s not something that my parents would enjoy, and I don’t really want to watch a couple old people experience life to the fullest only to have one (or both) of them die at the end.  I mean, c’mon, that’s just depressing.

The Lakers only have 4 points in the second quarter.  How does that even happen?  After watching Gasol try to save a ball out of bounds (if you can even call it trying) I think it answered some questions for me.  kobe to Gasol to Odom.  The Lakers finally score.  And Doc Rivers calls a time out?  It’s currently a 15-2 run a Doc Rivers calls a time out?  He’ll probably coach the Celtics for a couple of more years too.  Why couldn’t he be like Bill Laimbeer and just go coach in the WNBA?

Bill Laimbeer face mask

Lamar Odom is starting to come out big in the second quarter.  And Radmonovic gets a technical.  Should he really be in at this point?  He’s falling apart.  Yet Odom keeps doing well in the quarter.  And Gasol is moving the ball well.  And he just moved it to Farmar who promptly air balled a three out of bounds.  Then he comes back to hit another three.  Then Derek Fisher almost gets into a fight.  Why are Fisher and Farmar in at the same time?  Isn’t Farmar Fisher’s back-up?

I’ve not really heard of Garnett being racist before, but if that’s true it does hurt my respect for him as a person.  He’s still one of the best players in the league, but man just give out your autograph if it’s a kid.  I can see no autograph’s for adults, but give ’em to the kids.

First half ends, three point game.  And Paul Pierce has a better half than Kobe.  Where was Kobe in the second quarter by the way?  Scoreless in the second?  Los Angeles can’t weather a storm of Kobe sucking for the rest of the game.  Especially as the Celtics keep playing well.

Jeff Van Gundy just went on a rant about the horrors of television and computers.  A valid point but he does realize he’s on television right now right?  But cheers Van Gundy, it is good to get out more.  But doesn’t bowling count as going out?  I mean it doesn’t have the same intensity as basketball, but it’s still a good game.  On that note I’m helping Jeff train for a bowling tournament in Vegas next April.  We went out the other night for the first time and things went alright.  It was pretty cheap to play, but those lanes were not what I’m used to.  Way too much wax.


Bryant just got back into the game with a good move.  Oh wait, then he gets an offensive foul.  Bad Kobe.  Rondo just hit a two.  It’s good to do but the Lakers are okay with him taking those.  Do they even defend him at all anymore?

Kobe just got another offensive foul.  Right after Pierce scores.  He’s forcing it too much.  Los Angeles just looks lost out their.  And why did Odom hold it for so long before getting it to Fisher, if he’d done Gasol straight off they would’ve  got two.  But Fisher comes up big, if he hits the free throw.

When the Lakers actually move the ball they’re offense is nigh on unstoppable.

Is everyone else as pumped about “The Dark Knight” as I am?  After “Batman Begins” I have high expectations, but they got rid of Katie Holmes (after the marrying Tom Cruise weirdness I can barely stand seeing her in any movie at all) so that’s an improvement already.

The Joker

Trevor Ariza would have a one trillion, except it’s worse because his only stat other than one minute is a personal foul.  That’s not good for the resume.  I thought of this because Eddie House is not playing well and his abysmal stats made me look at Ariza.

This game just got really sloppy.  Although I’m feeling better about the Lakers actually being able to maintain a lead.  There is still 3:30 to go in the third, though, so there’s plenty of time for me to switch back to Boston being able to dominate.

Even though I’m kind of down on House now when is Cassell ever a better option than than Rondo?  No time during this series for sure.  Hit a two and t made him confident enough to miss a three on the next possession.  I’m going to move on before thinking about it turns me bitter.

Look at Posey dive for that ball.  No easy baskets for Posey’s guy.

The Lakers are throwing up the threes, but they’re being left open.  It’s bad for the Celtics because the Lakers keep getting offensive rebounds.  The Celtics are falling apart in the final minutes of the third.

How often do you think a camera man gets hit with a desperation end of the quarter three?  Its not on every one, but I bet that every one of those guys has a story of being hit in the face with a basketball or having a player fall on them.  Hope that they have good medical coverage, although I bet the teams may help foot the bill if there were ever anything too serious.

I just realized that I can’t remember Posey’s first name, I know it starts with a J, thanks to ESPN Gamecast, but usually that’s enough for me to remember a player’s first name.  Do the broadcasters ever use his first name?  I can’t remember a single time.

Odom is moving around like he just got kneed in the nuts.  There’s the replay, and yes Paul Pierce just kneed Odom in the nuts.  Dirty move.  At least Odom came back and hit a three shortly afterwards.


Los Angele sis up by ten with 10:25 left to go in the fourth quarter.  And Farmar drives it in for a quick two.  Then Gasol comes back and plays some great D.  Maybe Phil Jackson was right when he said his team might be young and dumb enough to think they can still win this series.

Luke Walton hits the shot and we get another Father’s Day mention.  I called my dad before the game, and we’re supposed to talk afterwards to rehash our thoughts of the game.  Have you called your dad lately?

Is it James Posey?  I have the internet at the ready but I want the broadcasters to tell me.

Vujacic needs to calm down.  He’s way too intense.  Although maybe it’s exactly what they need.  And he got robbed on that three.  I can’t believe that came out.

This is the best I’ve seen Sam Cassell play all year.  But will it be enough to overcome a ten point deficit?  At this point in his career I just don’t think you can count on Cassell to play the hero.

The Lakers are already in the penalty on fouls.  Not a good thing.  Walton gets taken out of the game.  Then Kobe has a terrible offensive possession.

They said it, James Posey from downtown.  Made it a four point game.  This is exciting.

Good foul but Garnett has the opportunity to tie it if he hits both.  He only hit one and then went down the court and got his fifth foul.  And then Pierce immediately gets his fifth foul.  One more foul and the Celtics are in the penalty.  Bad moves when you’ve gotten this close to being able to finish out the game.  Two of the big three are in jeapordy of not being in the game at all.  Conspiracy theorists it’s time to get crackin’.

Unless Kobe goes crazy Paul Pierce is the better player two games in a row.

Fisher just missed a free throw and then hit one.  Now it’s Paul Pierce’s turn at the line.  There’s been quite a few fouls in this quarter.  He hit both.  It’s only a two point game now.  Kobe needs to hit another couple of shots in case he has to try a game winner at the buzzer.  He’s been cold but he’s also the go to guy in that situation.  Needs that extra confidence boost.

I was about to say that I was impressed that the Lakers fans were actually standing, but then they started chanting MVP again when Kobe is having a rough post-first quarter.  Kobe misses a three (I’m already off the Kobe three point bandwagon I jumped on earlier in this post).

Bryant causes a steal and gets a dunk and the Lakers are up by four with a little over thirty seconds remaining.  That’s the type of play I love out of him.


Why didn’t Garnett foul Odom?  Or Ray Allen?  Why leave the Lakers with time running off the clock?  And why would Phil Jackson call a time out?  Don’t you want to make the other team stop the clock?

Fisher misses one and makes the second for a five point game.  The Lakers just need to make the Boston possession take as long as possible.

Why did Ray Allen wait so long to foul?  Yes he fouled out, but nobody else is close enough to do it.  Well now the Lakers can look like they won by quite a bit as the Celtics fouling tactic has backfired.  The only teams it seems to work on are ones with Lebron James or Shaquille O’Neil.

Are children being sent to bed in Boston now that it’s a six point game?  Oh wait, House hit a three pointer but Fisher gets yet another trip to the free throw line.  Five point game, 9 seconds, fisher steals the ball and the game is over.  The game’s in Boston on Tuesday.  Maybe the Celtics can get it together and close this thing out.


One Response to NBA Finals Game 5

  1. Jason says:

    19 point lead has been cut to 11. I still think that the Lakers blow out the Celtics. I can see anything happening in Boston though. I can see it over in 6, 7 or even the Lakers pulling it off. Who knows.

    On a side note – I hear Garnett is quite the racist. From a very good source (still 3rd person) a white guy asked Garnett for an autograph for his son but Garnett politely said no, “that he doesnt give autographs”. No big deal, very polite, I respect his privacy. Not a minute later, a black teenager asked for an autograph and Garnett gives him one! That is cold! So the white guy asked another black teenager for an autograph and ended up getting one for his son. I am sorry that is pathetic. I like Garnett, but this one story makes me think less of him.

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