NBA Finals Game 6 Roundtable

Kellan – Tip-off is only about ten minutes away.  I have to say it would be amazing to see this go to seven games, but at the same time the Celtics have clearly been the better team.  I think that the Celtics will win.  I’m hoping for Los Angeles.  Did they just say Paula Cole is singing the National Anthem?  I thought she was someone that the public agreed to forget about as a silly thing from the 90’s.  Everybody, you’re Boston entertainer.

Kellan – I found it hilarious that the fireworks just hit the Jumbo-Tron.  I’m going to have to agree with David Stern about that fireworks issue.  At least they didn’t go too crazy like during the series with Cleveland.  I don’t like it when the stadium is smoky, it makes me feel bad for the people in the nosebleeds.

Jeff – Ok, so I just got here, yet I did make it for the tip-off. As the game is now 10-10 I really just hope, like Kellan, for a game seven. I looked away for a second and Kobe hit his second three. As much as I don’t like the guy I really enjoy watching him play the game. That is until he starts complaining to the refs and whining like a three year old told to go to bed at seven in the evening. I would at this time like to throw up the first picture and give the old hat a tip to Tiger and his US Open win on Monday.


Tiger Woods 2008 US Open

Kellan – I have to say that I’m pretty excited that both teams came out with their A-game.  It seems like only one team or the other is doing well at any given moment in the series.  Nice oop to Garnett.  Boston 22-Los Angeles 18.  One minute left in the first.

Jeff – The question I have for this game is which bench is actually going to show up tonight. It seems that there has been one, maybe two, players from each team’s bench that have one good night and instantly become a fan fav. Sasha Vujacic was a quick fav, it also some recently it was Eddie House from Boston. So, who’s it gonna be tonight?

Kellan – Turiaf did real well to get a foul on Boston on the rebound attempt.  Good energy.  Bad foul Powe.  No reason for it.  Two fouls in the first minute is a great way for Boston to put LA on the free throw line for a quarter.  Another foul on Boston.  3 team fouls in less than two minutes.  Boston is looking sloppy now.  And Doc Rivers with a technical.  How about that for a the worst head coach in the league.  I feel a Sam Cassell substitution in the near future.

Jeff – See, I don’t love Doc Rivers or anything, but the man has his team in the NBA Finals. I don’t see how Kellan can say Doc Rivers is the worst coach in the league. As a side note, Lamar Odom needs to step up this game for the Lakers. He does already have 7 rebounds, and has drawn a couple hard fouls. I’m just waiting for him to start hitting some of his shots.

Lamar Odom

Jeff – And now Eddie House is going nuts, with 5 points in 6 minutes inculding a pretty huge three, which has caused LA to call a timeout.

Kellan – Can Los Angeles turn the momentum.  I think that’s the question of the quarter.  Is there any way that the Lakers can quiet the Boston.  Derek Fisher just dove into the row of camera men on the baseline.  I wonder if those guys chill at the batting cage just getting toughened up by the baseballs?

Kellan – I have a lot of respect for Tom Thibodeau.  He’s an excellent defensive coach.  Would probably make an excellent head coach.  Farmar with a nice steal as Boston passed about four too many times.  Then he goes and draws a foul.  That’s exactly what he needs to do to help keep LA in this game.  But where did Kobe go in this second quarter?  Long bombs just aren’t going anymore.

Jeff – As the 2nd is coming to a close, Boston is just destroying the the Lakers. Odom got blocked, Boston runs down and makes a shot, followed by Kobe shooting a really deep three. Kobe needs to settle the crap down and Boston needs to just keep insulting the Lakers and not letting them get back into the offensive flow.

Kellan – Kobe needs to take it to the rim for the Lakers to get back into this thing.  I’m fine with Boston winning, but I want it to be a game, not a blow-out.  Garnett has been coming out strong and the fact that Doc Rivers is no longer coaching is a definite plus for the Celtics.

nick-i love the celtics, they never cease to amaze me. nobody saw them being up 23 points at half time. congrats paul pierce! I didn’t want to give the lakers another reason to gloat.

Jeff – Now with halftime over we’re looking at 63-36 Boston after 10:20 left in the 3rd. I’m just a little supprised that the game is this lopsided. Both teams came out real strong in the first and now it’s just Boston running away with the championship.  just don’t see LA coming back like the Celtics have on them.

Kobe in Game 2

Kellan – This game has become horrific to watch.  Look what happens when Doc Rivers is no longer a part of the Celtics equation.  A 28 point game now after a Radmonovic three.  Then Garnett scores a quick two.  This game is ridiculous.  Apparently I was confused because it looked like Thibodeau was head coach but Doc Rivers is still apparently on the side lines.  I guess the Lakers could always try to lose a finals game by the largest margin ever.

Will – That 30 point lead by the Celtics is just awesome. Kellan said it best: “The Celtics win *despite* Doc Rivers, not because of him.” I wonder if Doc will get himself a second technical foul and get ejected from the game. Maybe then, the Celtics will lead by 50?

Jeff – Looks like Rajon Rondo is the little guy thats decided to play the role spot. It’s the end of the 3rd and he’s sitting on 16 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and a VERY impressive 6 steals! Lets see if he can keeping up the pace he’s on.

Kellan – I can barely watch this.  30 points?  I think the Celtics really are going for history.  Ariza is in shooting free throws.  He misses but it leads to a Vujacic three.  Then a terrible pass that leads to a flagrant foul on Farmar and Rondo is playing like a hero.  The Lakers are getting real physical at this point.  It’s two quarters too late, though.

Jeff – Holy crap Ray Allen! He guy did NOT show up all post season until the Finals. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce got the Celtics to the big show and Ray Allen is returning the favor. 9:07 in the 4th, with Boston up 101-70, and Ray Allen is 5/7 from the…..wait…..6/8 from downtown! Kobe just missed a deep one, just to give it up to have KG take it to the hole. There was a stat earlier in the 3rd saying the largest LA-Boston Finals loss was by 33 points in 1965, funny thing is it was Boston beating the Lakers.  And as I finish this paragraph, Ray Allen hits yet another three (7/9 thats 77.8% by the way).

Jeff – NA NA NA HEY HEY GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!

nick- 37 points down in the 4th, good job lakers.

Will – BAM! B-)

Kellan – And the NBA season winds down with a complete destruction of the Los Angeles Lakers.  We can look forward to an off season with a good draft.  And a couple of legal situation for the NBA.  We’ll see how the Donaghy situation plays out.  Then there’s also the situation in Seattle that should be cleared up by the end of next week.  Total support for Save Our Sonics.  Apparently the Celtics know how to keep a lead at home.

Jeff – Now the Celtics bench is just being RUDE! BIG Baby Davis! It’s just gotten out-of-control.


131 – 92

And Boston takes the title!


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