Rest In Peace “The Duck”


R.I.P. Duck

R.I.P. Duck

Kevin Duckworth passed away from a heart attack last night in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, he was only 44. I just wanted to take a quick second and take off my hat to a old favorite of mine as a kid.

Kevin Duckworth was drafted 9th in the 2nd round of the 1986 NBA Draft by San Antonio and was later traded that season to the Portland Trailbazers. He played for a little more then 6 years as a Blazers, and ran to the championship twice. After the Blazers, he played four more years in the NBA, he spent two years in Washington with the Bullets, one year with the Bucks and finally retired after one year with the Clippers. Duckworth ended up coming back to Portland and was a big part of the community.

I’ll remember the big double 0’s playing good defense and picking up his points when it was needed. He was a great community member and will be missed.


2 Responses to Rest In Peace “The Duck”

  1. Dan says:

    Duckworth was one heck of a player. When you saw him up close he looked like a huge guy that couldn’t move much, but within the Portland starting five at the time (Porter, Drexler, Kersey, Buck Williams) he was an absolute force, with a soft touch around the basket.

    It’s a tragedy he’s died so young. I don’t think you’ll ever hear an NBA player say a bad thing about him.

  2. Travis Outlaw says:

    RIP Kevin Duckworth

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