College Football Opening Saturday

I’m visiting my parent’s this holiday weekend and am watching the football games.  I have to say that I was pretty disappointed with Oregon State’s performance on Thursday against Stanford.  They lost because of stupid mistakes, but they normally start off pretty slow so hopefully next week they can work on limiting their turnovers.

Chad Johnson has changed his legal name so he is now Chad Javon Ocho Cinco.  While I can see how his actions may be distracting it does not seem like he ever does anything to harm anybody.  He just seems to be enjoying life as much as possible.  Good luck Chad Ocho Cinco.

Chad Ocho Cinco

Chad Ocho Cinco

The Golden State Warriors are investigating Monta Ellis’ injury.  With how much money has been guaranteed for him they should follow up on everything.  They’ve set him up to be the face of the franchise (I love Stephen Jackson but have you seen his face?), so the Warriors must do everything in their power to keep him healthy.  I guess more on this to come.

Stephen Jackson Tattoo

Stephen Jackson Tattoo

The LSU-Appalachian State game has finished 41-13.  No upset this year.  Plus LSU is no Michigan State, meaning they can beat the week 1 cupcake team.  In other cupcake news it looks like Penn State may beat Coastal Carolina.  Really, they’re playing Coastal Carolina?  Couldn’t the NCAA make so you have to play teams that are at least division 1 if you’re a division 1 school.  Yes I understand that that these small schools get paid good cash to be fodder for the perennial powerhouses, but this is just ridiculous.  The score is currently 66-7 with a definite possibility of the score being run up even more.  I think they should actually be lowered in the ranking for letting Coastal Carolina score at all.

In bid to become the weirdest sport ever here is Extreme Ironing.  Thanks to Basketbawful for sharing that with the world.

Back to the cupcake teams.  East Carolina is beating VirginiaTech , and Bowling Green is beating Pittsburgh.  Okay, they aren’t exactly cupcake schools because they obviously have a fighting chance as both underdogs will probably win.

I’m now flipping between USC-Virginia and Michigan-Utah.  USC-Virginia is shaping to be extremely one-sided.  Note to people who do pre-season rankings, you think teams from the east are better than they are.  It’s okay, though, the rankings will switch crazy amounts by the end of the season.  And now it is about to be 21 to zero in favor of USC.  There’s still four minutes left in the first quarter.  Can they get a basketball score?

I wish they all could be California girls

I wish they all could be California girls

Sports to Noise has some tips for how to prepare for the now happening football season.

Even though the Olympics are already over here is an article that takes a fairly academic viewpoint on the sexuality and partying that occurs within the Olympic village.

Utah held out over Michigan.  Good for them.  I thought Utah played a better overall game, but then they collapsed in the fourth quarter.

Travis Outlaw, if that is your real name, I’m going to have to agree that basketball is better than football.  But there’s enough room in my sports viewing life for both sports.  That’s why I, Kellan, have an obvious basketball bias, but right now there is not too much basketball going on, while there is a ton of football.  Plus I normally try to have Jeff the football aspect of things, but he’s on a hunting trip.  So I’m picking up the slack.


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  1. Travis Outlaw says:

    Basketball is better than football.

  2. Another Fantastic wordpress post, I will bookmark this post in my Diigo account. Have a awesome evening.

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