The Kitchen Readings – A Review by Kellan

March 20, 2008

I will start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I’ve been interesting in Thompson for a number of years and finally getting a peek into what his life was actually like was a spectacular way for me to spend some time.

Out of all of the essays “The Mayor’s Daughter and an Awkward Moment” was the best written.  Many of the stories seem to be building to a good punchline but the end turns out to be quite anti-climactic.  The way that they tell the whole story and not one moment further is what I think pushes the essay to a level beyond the others.

Hunter S Thompson

In general the essays that were told in the first person were those that were the most entertaining.  This makes sense because nine times out of ten when you tell a story you’ve heard but didn’t experience it’s not going to be as good as someone who was actually there.  Despite the lower level of overall story-telling I did like that they had those chapters because it added much more depth to the happenings in the book.
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