As for me, I’m going to keep this a bit short.  I’ve lived here in Portland since I was two and don’t see myself moving anytime soon.  Of course if ESPN calls, well never-mind.  Anyways, I took a long time to graduate, but I did, with a bachelors of fine art from Oregon College of Art & Craft.  Now a days I’m mainly focusing on my woodworking and photography gigs when I get them. As for sports; I’m a bit of a Colts fan, da Bulls for the NBA, my Chicago White Sox have always been my baseball team, and I did become a Beaver Believer in the short time I was down in Corvallis as far as colleges go.  If ya can’t tell, I tend to be an emotional fan.  When my teams are on top, I glut, when their on the bottom, I cry.  Basically, I’m the kind of guy no one want to be around when my teams are on the fields, courts, or diamonds. Kellan was right about how we meet-up.  I meet him down in Corvallis, but my time there was short.  We eventually bumped into each other again and picked up where we had left off, mainly BS’in and talking sports.  And here we are.  Oh, and Kellan, I’m still the beauty behind this here little project.


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