My name is Kellan Smith and I have been living in Portland, OR since October of 2004. I graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English in June of 2004. I was raised with basketball always being the prominent (but not only) sport.

Having lived in Idaho, New Mexico, Utah, California and Oregon I’ve never really been a person who rooted for the hometown team (the Blazers are changing my ways, though).
When I was in Idaho (around age 9) I became fans of the Warriors. It was back in the day of Run-TMC and I’m excited that Nelly has brought the run ‘n gun back my team. During this time I watched the occasional football game, and learned how things worked but it lacked the excitement and energy I had grown accustomed to with basketball. It may have helped that my dad and I (mostly my dad) ran a fantasy basketball league. This was before the internet so we would have to get the paper every day and manually work out the scores with just paper and pencil. The positive was that at the time I knew basically every player in the league.

While I lived in New Mexico I began to like Dallas. They were horrible at the time, but they had my favorite player of the time in Jason Kidd. I was pretty excited that him and Grant Hill grabbed Co-Rookie of the Year honors. I also cheered for Phoenix as they played the Bulls in the finals. At this point I’m kind of put off by Dallas and Mark Cuban, but I really have come to enjoy watching the Suns.

Next came Utah (I finally lived in a state with a pro-basketball team, unfortunately it was the Jazz). I really respect the Jazz, and I love John Stockton, but I think while living there I just hit the saturation point and began to despise the team (I couldn’t openly root against them in public for fear of bodily harm).

Then I moved to Oregon just as the era of the Jailblazers was beginning. So I was not the hugest fan of these guys who thought that they could do whatever they wanted without any repercussions (turns out they were mostly right.) Also around this time there was a lockout and I decided I could spend my time and money on something else for a while.

After I began attending college at Oregon State University I started to follow NCAA football. It helped that the Beavers were such a strong team in the years I was there (Stephen Jackson, TJ Houshmanzadeh, Chad Johnson, Derek Anderson, and many more players are currently common names in the NFL). The rival game with University of Oregon (The Civil War) is my favorite football game of the year. It was also during college that I began to pay closer attention to the NBA again. The players that had entered the league were just so good I couldn’t stay away anymore.

When I graduated I spent a short stint in Santa Barbara, CA before deciding that, among other things, I liked having a variety of weather. So I came to Portland.

Jeff and I met during my first (and his second) year of college. We lost touch for a while, but when we met back up again our love of sports made it easy to catch back up. Eventually our friends tired of hearing our incessant sports talk so we decided to use this site as our outlet for sports ranting (and maybe some day even some reporting.)



2 Responses to Kellan

  1. (aynonomous) says:

    anyway i hope tom brady throws nothing but interceptions in the superbowl. and single-handedly screws things up for the whole team. he becomes the charactor ray finkle, from ace ventura. he is shunned and never plays another NFL game.

  2. Phil says:

    Go Raiders

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