The NBA season is upon us

October 31, 2008

The NBA season kicked off this Tuesday so it’s time for some thoughts.

Aldridge and Roy

Aldridge and Roy

Greg Oden gets hurt in his first game in the NBA and is now out 2-4 weeks.  People are making a ton of Sam Bowie jokes but I feel these are misplaced.  As are the feeling that Oden should be the savior of the franchise.  With players like Roy, Aldridge, and Fernandez there are plenty of other places to go.  The Blazers will just have to figure out a way to utilize Pryzbilla in the starting line-up which is something that worked pretty well last season.  Plus as the season moves along I’m predicting other players on the team will improve as well such as Channing Frye, Travis Outlaw, Jerryd Bayless, Sergio Rodriguez.  It was one game and it was against an LA team firing on all cylinders while it looked like only Rudy Fernandez was at full speed on Tuesday.  I still have high hopes for the TrailBlazers and expect them to reach the playoffs regardless of what Oden does.  John Canzano of The Oregonian agrees with me.

Then we have my Golden State Warriors.  With an off-season where we lost Baron Davis and Monta Ellis was injured in a freak moped accident (how bizarre is that) things are not looking great for the fans of Oakland.  Luckily Correy Maggette was added to the mix and in his first game came out and led the team in scoring.  Stephen Jackson played well also.  Al Harrington is asking to be traded, and I feel that it’s probably time to let him go anyway as he doesn’t seem to be fully utilized in Nelson system.  Hopefuly a complementary piece can come back in trade.  I’m a fan and I hold out hope that they can make the playoffs, but things are going to have to fall into place pretty quickly for that to be an option.

People are talking about how the West is falling off compared to last year.  And it pretty much had to.  So many teams were at a basically level point of competitiveness in the West last year as the former(?) powerhouses of San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix saw a slight decline while other teams are becoming the new powerhouses like New Orleans, LA Lakers, Utah.  The Rockets have maintained for a while, but adding Artest seems a savvy move that I think will pay dividends over the next couple of years.  I think they’ll at least make it out of the first round of the playoffs (finally!).

The East is looking better with the Knicks and Heat looking like they could be competitive as opposed to the total pushovers they were last year.  I still think the top of the east comes down to Boston, Detroit, and Cleveland, but the Raptors are on the rise and Dwight Howard and the Magic are nothing to trifle with.

My initial feeling is that we’ll see a New Orleans vs. Detroit final as New Orleans figures out how to make it through the playoffs and Detroit’s young talent becomes more valuable while the veterans will see little drop-off.  I give it to New Orleans, though.


Phew, just short of three months…..EPISODE 25!

August 26, 2008

YEP, we’re back. Not since the 3rd of June have we actually posted a podcast and you know what, it feels good to be back. So we kicked off the dust and got back to it. We talked about the Olympics closing up and Team USA basketball. We only just touched on football, but I can promise, this will be a fun football season. Well, thanks for tuning back in, and we’ll get back to a regular schedule at some point.




Western Playoffs Game 4’s – Kellan

May 11, 2008

This weekend I didn’t watch as many games as I should have, but the series to watch is the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Hornets anyway. Watching Chris Paul emerge is amazing. The first article I wrote for this site was called The Assist. I am seeing Chris Paul become a player that seemingly has no ceiling. He knows exactly when to score and when to pass. His steals really help set the tone for the Hornets as well. So a bit of advice; watch the New Orleans games because Paul isn’t the only player you’ll be hearing from in the years to come. Tyson Chandler has emerged as a real force and David West was an All-Star this year. Stojakovic just needs to keep raining down the threes and I don’t know if there is any team that can stop them. That is just too many offensive options.

So the Jazz have just gone on a crazy run and it’s all about Deron Williams. I’m hoping that Brewer can be his alley-oop guy like Chandler is for Paul. I hope Williams can maintain this level of play. It’s one of the differences between good and great players. Good players can have great games and mediocre games but great players consistently have good to great games. So please Deron learn that consistency so that I can like watching the Utah Jazz again.

I have to say that I just keep liking Channing Frye more and more. He talks about real things and you can notice how he’s getting better at writing too. I wonder if all of this blogging will eventually create more basketball books. I would read something Gilbert Arenas wrote.

That was a real hard foul by Turiaf. Seemed like it just happened in the course of things and wasn’t as bad I’ve seen in other games. But man he made the guy bleed. That is definitely not something you’re supposed to do in basketball.

Here’s a pretty cool article about Chris Andersen of the Hornets and his mother if you have a free fifteen minutes.

Episode 20

April 8, 2008

Is it a milestone?  No.  But we did talk about hockey.  If you want to hear two guys be completely clueless about a sport check out the last five minutes.  If you want to hear us sounding (slightly) better listen to the first thirty minutes.

Episode 20

Portland vs. Seattle – Kellan

February 21, 2008

I’m gearing up for the game right now. I didn’t care about Miami-Houston really. Then again the other game of the night was originally supposed to an Oden vs. Durant match-up but due to Oden’s injury and Portland’s lackluster February I imagine people in other cities might call the whole night a wash. Only 1 of those 3 teams is making the playoffs. It stands as the opposite of last night’s game with Phoenix and the LA Lakers. There were so many subplots and it was a fast paced and close game. Just a joy to watch. I’m afraid that I may have to cringe a couple of times tonight.

John Canzano explains why Darius Miles should retire. The opening story about him and Dennis Dixon going to a strip club (that is about 10 minutes away from where I live) is just hilarious. At least it seems like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Larry Hughes got traded. Now that he’s on the Bulls I can still use him for the Least Valuable Player if the Cavaliers make it deep into the playoffs. Let’s see what happens to this Bulls team. At least they finally did something to try and motivate these guys that headed into the season as heavy favorites to make it into the playoffs. Instead they are floundering in a weak Eastern Conference.

Halo 3

Channing Frye challenges anyone to a game of Halo 3. I got kind of burned out on playing but I think it’d be cool to see if I could hold my own against Channing. I seem to be able to rock all of my friends in one on battle, but Channing seems like he would be pretty competitive. Read the rest of this entry »

Golden State vs. Washington

February 11, 2008

I think Golden State is going to do well. They’re my team. They’re gonna do it. Enough said.

This evening I get to watch this game because MOJO+ television is broadcasting the NBA Network for four hours. I now want the NBA network. I saw so many sick moves and dunks in a 45 minute period. I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt like a kid. It was great times. Now I just have to put down the money to have the network full time. Maybe I can swing it when I move into my next place.

I just watched the Blazers flame out against Houston. I’m hoping that the All-Star break will do the team some good. Brandon Roy is playing in both the Rookie-Sophomore and All-Star games, though. He gets to play back to back days on a weekend that is everyone’s break? Although I don’t think it will be quite as demanding as two games that count towards the playoffs.

On a recommendation from Jason Quick of the Oregonian I went and checked out Channing Frye’s blog. (Check it out on the links to the right.) Good writer. I also like hearing an athlete actually talking about the things that interest him. He weighs in Politics, does movie reviews, talks about his day to day life, and anything else without pretending he’s a expert. He comes across as a real person with opinions. I’m glad that blogs have become a way for fans to find out the more human side of these athletes that the leagues would have us believe are superhuman. Thank you Gilbert Arenas for beginning to popularize this and make it okay in the NBA. Read the rest of this entry »