The Kitchen Readings – A Review by Kellan

March 20, 2008

I will start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I’ve been interesting in Thompson for a number of years and finally getting a peek into what his life was actually like was a spectacular way for me to spend some time.

Out of all of the essays “The Mayor’s Daughter and an Awkward Moment” was the best written.  Many of the stories seem to be building to a good punchline but the end turns out to be quite anti-climactic.  The way that they tell the whole story and not one moment further is what I think pushes the essay to a level beyond the others.

Hunter S Thompson

In general the essays that were told in the first person were those that were the most entertaining.  This makes sense because nine times out of ten when you tell a story you’ve heard but didn’t experience it’s not going to be as good as someone who was actually there.  Despite the lower level of overall story-telling I did like that they had those chapters because it added much more depth to the happenings in the book.
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Random Notes – Kellan

March 3, 2008

Haven’t posted in a while. Been busy. I finished up some of those books I had stacked up. I’m going to try and write a review for The Kitchen Readings in the next couple of days. I highly recommend it for those who enjoy Hunter S. Thompson.


I also went to go and watch Semi-Pro this weekend. It was a funny movie. It was all of the crudeness that I’ve been craving. Ferrell was good, but really it was the supporting cast that made the movie shine. Really my only problem with Will Ferrell is that his character was the exact same as like 4 other movies he’s done. (I’m not sure if I’ll see the one where he and his stepbrother live at their parents place and act like 9 year olds, I already sat through Kicking and Screaming.) Although the shtick works in this one, so why fix something that ain’t broke? The basketball scenes were pretty good as well. It fit the typical Read the rest of this entry »

Links 2/6/2008 – Kellan

February 6, 2008

Here’s a book I’m planning on getting the next time I can find time to actually make it to a book store. It’s called The Kitchen Readings: Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson. The excerpt was great, although a bit PG-13. Good times though at Hunter’s sporting events. My favorite line came early: “Hunter had no problem with children, as long as they were willing to gamble along with everyone else.” I’ll let you know how things go when I’m done.

If anybody saw that terrible Tom Brady post I regretted and eventually took down I want to make amends. A much better post than mine was done over at Girls Gone Sports. So in case anyone hasn’t figured it out the Patriots lost. I can once again root for the Celtics. I will no longer worry about the cloud of smug consuming America from Boston.

Shaq goes to the Suns. I was discussing this with various people and think that the Suns may improve because of this. They may also tank terribly. I have to think the team will do well though and especially against teams with big men. I think Marion will do well in Miami as well. Yeah, Miami probably won’t be in championship contention anytime soon, but Marion will keep doing what he does. With Wade as the other big name he’ll get the respect he feels he deserves. I think it was always hard for him to realize that Nash and Stoudamire were what the team was really about. But he’ll either be the guy in Miami, or duck out and find a different team next year. Time will tell. Read the rest of this entry »