Holy Crap, I think we’re Back!

January 14, 2010

That’s right, your favorite two sports BS’er are back. Well Ok, we all know that I’m your favorite and Kellan is just filler, but we don’t want to rub that in his face or anything. We have recently made plans to post another podcast tonight and I’m sure that will get Kellan in the mood again to start posting his articles again. So basically we’re coming out of hiding and going to let K and J Sports out of the bag again.

That all being said, I would like to take this time to speak for a brief moment about my Colts.  As the divisional round of the NFL playoffs comes near, the Baltimore Ravens will be stepping onto Lucas Oil Field Saturday, with the intensions to take down my #1 seed Colts. Now I personally believe the Colts can come out of this game ready to take on the Chargers or Jets, but I did read a comment on an ESPN article that has been echoing in my head this morning. “Consider this: IND has never won a (playoff) game as a no. 1 or no. 2 seed (since the NFL started seeding in 1975).” Granted your past does not dictate your future, but I am someone that holds statistics to be a guiding indicator of trends. Like rules, trends are made to be broken and the Colts are in a pretty good place to snap that horrible sounding streak. But on top of the 7 4th quarter come back wins this season, hearing that this morning has only inflamed the ulcer my team has given me this year from worrying.

The Colts have not played a full game since their Dec. 17th 35-31 win over Jacksonville, and as everyone knows this has started quite the conversation about resting starters or playing for perfection. Now I’m not going to get into that debate right now other then to say that if they get a ring the debate dies, if they don’t…well then the conversation lives.

So in conclusion, it looks like K and J Sports is back for the moment and there will be more posts to follow. And as always, GO COLTS!


Lakers SWEEP!

April 29, 2008

Ok, here’s the thing, I hate the Lakers.  Truth be told, I hate Denver even more.  The first round series that just wrapped up between L.A. and Denver has been a battle of two evils for me.  The only redeeming factor is Kellan now owns me one U.S. dollar, a buck, a greenback, some scrill!  Finally one of my rediculous predictions/bets have finally paid off!

The Lakers took care of the Nuggets in Denver last night, in what was game four of the first round of the western conference playoffs.  The Nuggets really never seemed to show up to play against Kobe.  Kobe did.  He averaged 33.5 points per game, shooting exactly 50% from the field at 48-96 shots, and getting 6.3 assists along the way.  I do have a bit of a problem with how Mr. Bryant conducts himself on the court, especially during the playoffs.  There are many players in the association that have learned to flop with the best of them, and the best of them seems to be Kobe himself.  Kobe has taken the flop to new heigths and his ability to whine at the refs is not unlike Larry Bird’s ability from “back-in-the-day.”  In the last half of game four, I lost count after 18 or so flops that Kobe took.  Now, I’m not saying he wasn’t getting fouled, but after his arms are thrown into the air for the thousandth time, it really starts to get old.

But aside from making this post a rant about what a little whiney @#%$& Kobe is, or how much I dislike the Denver Nuggets (well Denver in general), the most important thing about this post is that Kellan owns me money.  So, no one in the west had a snowball’s chance to sweep in the playoffs this year.  The west is just too strong and no team will let the other team run away with the home games.  Well Kellan, you were wrong.  More then anything else this is a moral victory for me.  The Pats didn’t lose to Maimi, the Bulls didn’t win the finals this year (let alone make it to the playoffs), and the Blazers did make it to 500 when I said they wouldn’t.  Now I realize that most people might find this win as a small one, but bragging rights are bragging right, and Kellan doesn’t get to have them for once!

In your face, how you like them apples, whaz up now, suck it, oh burn, and simply HA!