2008 NBA Draft

June 26, 2008

Kellan – It is currently an hour and a half until the draft officially starts, but I thought that I’d get some thoughts out there before this happens.  I’m going to try and be fair in my coverage of the draft, but will probably end up talking mostly about the Blazers and the Warriors, so fair warning.  And I guess I’ll start with what these two teams need to do.  For the Blazers I think that they trade every pick they have as well Jarrett Jack to the Nets for Devin Harris.  The Nets will have put themselves into a position to use those picks or leverage them.  It would help them clear cap space for the Lebron shoot-out that people have been anticipating for so many years.  And with Jason Kidd gone and now Richard Jefferson being swapped for “ChairMan” Yi and Bobby Simmons it looks like the Nets are in rebuilding mode which means that they can stockpile young talent and let them develop.  And then the Blazers get Devin Harris and go on to be a dominant team for nearly a decade.  C’mon Nets, make the trade.

Devin Harris

Kellan – Well bayareasportsguru I’m pretty excited to see what the Warriors do as well.  I think that you’re right that the best move they can make would probably to trade and get another piece that can start contributing immediately.  I don’t think that any of the players projected to go at 14 will be able to make meaningful contributions early on.  With the Warriors having won 48 games last year all that they need is a little extra something to get them into the playoffs.  I would like a trade with Detroit, but before being totally sold on it I’d have to see who the Warriors would be losing.

Kellan – So the beginning of the draft is only minutes away.  Will Chicago shock the world and take Beasley over Rose?  Or will they do what everyone things and go with the hometown hero?  Can Pat Riley pass on Beasley and go with OJ Mayo?  We will soon find this all out.  I do like that the NBA draft happens all at once, instead of having it take an entire weekend like the NFL.

Kellan – So Rose goes with the first pick in the Draft.  Now what is Chicago going to do with all of those guards?  Hmm, maybe they’ll sent one to Portland for Martell Webster or Travis Outlaw?

Kellan – And the second goes to Michael Beasley.  Pat Riley just proved that he does do a better job when he has just one.  On the ESPN live chat everyone thinks that the Timberwolves go with OJ Mayo for this pick, but I’ve heard that Kevin McHale is a huge Kevin Love fan.  I think it’d be great to see Kevin Love as the number 3 pick.

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Portland vs. Seattle – Kellan

February 21, 2008

I’m gearing up for the game right now. I didn’t care about Miami-Houston really. Then again the other game of the night was originally supposed to an Oden vs. Durant match-up but due to Oden’s injury and Portland’s lackluster February I imagine people in other cities might call the whole night a wash. Only 1 of those 3 teams is making the playoffs. It stands as the opposite of last night’s game with Phoenix and the LA Lakers. There were so many subplots and it was a fast paced and close game. Just a joy to watch. I’m afraid that I may have to cringe a couple of times tonight.

John Canzano explains why Darius Miles should retire. The opening story about him and Dennis Dixon going to a strip club (that is about 10 minutes away from where I live) is just hilarious. At least it seems like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Larry Hughes got traded. Now that he’s on the Bulls I can still use him for the Least Valuable Player if the Cavaliers make it deep into the playoffs. Let’s see what happens to this Bulls team. At least they finally did something to try and motivate these guys that headed into the season as heavy favorites to make it into the playoffs. Instead they are floundering in a weak Eastern Conference.

Halo 3

Channing Frye challenges anyone to a game of Halo 3. I got kind of burned out on playing but I think it’d be cool to see if I could hold my own against Channing. I seem to be able to rock all of my friends in one on battle, but Channing seems like he would be pretty competitive. Read the rest of this entry »

Least Valuable Player Continued – Kellan

February 18, 2008

I’ve decided that in order to be the least valuable player a player has to average at least 24 minutes each game played. They don’t have to be a starter, but a player that plays meaningful minutes. This will get rid of all of the players who statistically look bad, but this is because they play garbage time. I was doing another look at Hollinger’s PER statistics and decided that I’d look at Ricky Davis.

Ricky Davis

So far Ricky has played in 51 games averaging 34.9 minutes a game. Now that is some significant playing time. For the full line of stats check out the full Hollinger line. He is number 235.

Having a PER of 11.10 is not that great. But this is not an all encompassing statistic so let’s go over to 82games.com. His +- for On/Off the floor is -5.4. Which is pretty bad. But then again he is playing for the Miami Heat where every player has negative amounts for both their on the court and off the court contributions. So Dwayne Wade has a +4.0 because the team is -6.3 while he’s on the floor and -10.2 when off (I’m assuming there is some rounding that gets lost otherwise it would be a +3.9). But the -9.1 compared to a -3.6 for on vs off court production is pretty bad for Davis. We’ll have to keep track throughout the season to see if he can turn things around.

Another player I thought I’d look at is Martell Webster of the Portland Trailblazers.  He only had a PER of 11.7 which leaves him as 219 on the list.  But what about his other stats?

Martell Webster

Martell has played 52 games averaging 28.8 minutes a game.  Sounds like a heavily relied upon player to me.  Webster actually has a -7.4 for his +- stat.  That is the worst on the Trailblazers.  I feel I have found another good candidate for Least Valuable Player.

If anyone else has any ideas leave a comment or email us at kandjsports@gmail.com.  So when the season ends I will revisit all of the players nominated and decide who has been put into the position to do well for their team but has produced the least results.  Then we will crown the Least Valuable Player in the league.