2008 NBA Draft

June 26, 2008

Kellan – It is currently an hour and a half until the draft officially starts, but I thought that I’d get some thoughts out there before this happens.  I’m going to try and be fair in my coverage of the draft, but will probably end up talking mostly about the Blazers and the Warriors, so fair warning.  And I guess I’ll start with what these two teams need to do.  For the Blazers I think that they trade every pick they have as well Jarrett Jack to the Nets for Devin Harris.  The Nets will have put themselves into a position to use those picks or leverage them.  It would help them clear cap space for the Lebron shoot-out that people have been anticipating for so many years.  And with Jason Kidd gone and now Richard Jefferson being swapped for “ChairMan” Yi and Bobby Simmons it looks like the Nets are in rebuilding mode which means that they can stockpile young talent and let them develop.  And then the Blazers get Devin Harris and go on to be a dominant team for nearly a decade.  C’mon Nets, make the trade.

Devin Harris

Kellan – Well bayareasportsguru I’m pretty excited to see what the Warriors do as well.  I think that you’re right that the best move they can make would probably to trade and get another piece that can start contributing immediately.  I don’t think that any of the players projected to go at 14 will be able to make meaningful contributions early on.  With the Warriors having won 48 games last year all that they need is a little extra something to get them into the playoffs.  I would like a trade with Detroit, but before being totally sold on it I’d have to see who the Warriors would be losing.

Kellan – So the beginning of the draft is only minutes away.  Will Chicago shock the world and take Beasley over Rose?  Or will they do what everyone things and go with the hometown hero?  Can Pat Riley pass on Beasley and go with OJ Mayo?  We will soon find this all out.  I do like that the NBA draft happens all at once, instead of having it take an entire weekend like the NFL.

Kellan – So Rose goes with the first pick in the Draft.  Now what is Chicago going to do with all of those guards?  Hmm, maybe they’ll sent one to Portland for Martell Webster or Travis Outlaw?

Kellan – And the second goes to Michael Beasley.  Pat Riley just proved that he does do a better job when he has just one.  On the ESPN live chat everyone thinks that the Timberwolves go with OJ Mayo for this pick, but I’ve heard that Kevin McHale is a huge Kevin Love fan.  I think it’d be great to see Kevin Love as the number 3 pick.

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Episode 12

February 12, 2008

Ha Ha, someone has the flu.

Episode 12

Links 2/6/2008 – Kellan

February 6, 2008

Here’s a book I’m planning on getting the next time I can find time to actually make it to a book store. It’s called The Kitchen Readings: Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson. The excerpt was great, although a bit PG-13. Good times though at Hunter’s sporting events. My favorite line came early: “Hunter had no problem with children, as long as they were willing to gamble along with everyone else.” I’ll let you know how things go when I’m done.

If anybody saw that terrible Tom Brady post I regretted and eventually took down I want to make amends. A much better post than mine was done over at Girls Gone Sports. So in case anyone hasn’t figured it out the Patriots lost. I can once again root for the Celtics. I will no longer worry about the cloud of smug consuming America from Boston.

Shaq goes to the Suns. I was discussing this with various people and think that the Suns may improve because of this. They may also tank terribly. I have to think the team will do well though and especially against teams with big men. I think Marion will do well in Miami as well. Yeah, Miami probably won’t be in championship contention anytime soon, but Marion will keep doing what he does. With Wade as the other big name he’ll get the respect he feels he deserves. I think it was always hard for him to realize that Nash and Stoudamire were what the team was really about. But he’ll either be the guy in Miami, or duck out and find a different team next year. Time will tell. Read the rest of this entry »

Episode 11

February 5, 2008

Coming at you quick and hard.

Episode 11

Links 2/2/2008 – Kellan

February 2, 2008

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. I’m going with the Patriots. Let’s say 31-21. I think that the Giants will beat the spread, but will be unable to win the game. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

The Madden predictions for the Super Bowl.  Well it doesn’t seem to have been wrong since they started doing it.  And I think it’s going to be right again this year.

I talked about this in Podcast 9, but I’m still excited that Chris Webber is rejoining the Warriors. He has yet to play for them, but I think he’ll make a good addition to the team. They are a run and gun team, while Webber’s knees may not be great for that type of offense. But having Webber as a second option, slowing down the game on occasion and then speeding it back up when he’s out might serve the purpose of leaving there opponents with having to constantly change their offense to adapt to Golden State’s play. It’s another thing where we’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out though.

I’ve been fascinated by the Hollinger’s playoff odds since I first saw them. It currently has the Trailblazers at a 48.3% chance of making the playoffs. They need to pick up their game or else they aren’t gonna make it this year. On the other side, though, Golden State is currently at a 74.9% chance of making the playoffs. One of the teams will make, but hopefully they both will. Portland needs to start really playing. They lost a close game to the Cavaliers that they should have won, and they squeaked out a game against the Knicks. They’ve beaten teams that played better, but they aren’t playing as well as they were a month ago. Read the rest of this entry »

Links 1/26/2008 – Kellan

January 26, 2008

I was surprised to find the inspiration for “Hey there Delilah” was a runner. Despite the perspective of that article I still like the song. Plus I get to see just what that guy was talking about.

A fictional conversation between the Mannings. This is for you Jeff.

I just checked the games for the evening and realized that the only game I cared about was the San Antonio-New Orleans game. One in four on a Saturday night is not good. Especially on the NFL Superbowl Week break. C’mon NBA. We deserve better. Read the rest of this entry »

Links 1/17/2008 – Kellan

January 17, 2008

So I just found my old address on the internet. It’s from a family newsletter that is now published online (I guess when your extended family reaches upwards of 600 it’s much cheaper to do it that way.) At least it’s not my current address, though. Just makes me a little uneasy how easy it was to find.

Thought that this story about a Packers fan that went over the top when disciplining his son for not wanting to wear a Green Bay jersey during their win against Seattle.

A breakdown of this weekends NFL games that mirrors my thoughts. Only it’s from a guy who knows more about football than I do so it’s much better than my solo breakdown of the game would be.

Turns out its not such a great thing for a city to host a college football team. I used to live in Corvallis and I do have to say that the outcome of the Beavers winning or losing had a definite effect on how the rest of the night would play out. It was a college town so there was weird crap happening all the time, but on those nights where we lost the party participants did seem more aggressive. Or at least they didn’t care how much damage they did to whatever was in their path. Hey I’ve been one of them more than once (although I usually just head straight home and pout.) It’s part of the excitement of college football. Read the rest of this entry »