NBA Finals Game 6 Roundtable

June 17, 2008

Kellan – Tip-off is only about ten minutes away.  I have to say it would be amazing to see this go to seven games, but at the same time the Celtics have clearly been the better team.  I think that the Celtics will win.  I’m hoping for Los Angeles.  Did they just say Paula Cole is singing the National Anthem?  I thought she was someone that the public agreed to forget about as a silly thing from the 90’s.  Everybody, you’re Boston entertainer.

Kellan – I found it hilarious that the fireworks just hit the Jumbo-Tron.  I’m going to have to agree with David Stern about that fireworks issue.  At least they didn’t go too crazy like during the series with Cleveland.  I don’t like it when the stadium is smoky, it makes me feel bad for the people in the nosebleeds.

Jeff – Ok, so I just got here, yet I did make it for the tip-off. As the game is now 10-10 I really just hope, like Kellan, for a game seven. I looked away for a second and Kobe hit his second three. As much as I don’t like the guy I really enjoy watching him play the game. That is until he starts complaining to the refs and whining like a three year old told to go to bed at seven in the evening. I would at this time like to throw up the first picture and give the old hat a tip to Tiger and his US Open win on Monday.


Tiger Woods 2008 US Open

Kellan – I have to say that I’m pretty excited that both teams came out with their A-game.  It seems like only one team or the other is doing well at any given moment in the series.  Nice oop to Garnett.  Boston 22-Los Angeles 18.  One minute left in the first.

Jeff – The question I have for this game is which bench is actually going to show up tonight. It seems that there has been one, maybe two, players from each team’s bench that have one good night and instantly become a fan fav. Sasha Vujacic was a quick fav, it also some recently it was Eddie House from Boston. So, who’s it gonna be tonight?

Kellan – Turiaf did real well to get a foul on Boston on the rebound attempt.  Good energy.  Bad foul Powe.  No reason for it.  Two fouls in the first minute is a great way for Boston to put LA on the free throw line for a quarter.  Another foul on Boston.  3 team fouls in less than two minutes.  Boston is looking sloppy now.  And Doc Rivers with a technical.  How about that for a the worst head coach in the league.  I feel a Sam Cassell substitution in the near future.

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NBA Finals Game 3 Roundtable

June 10, 2008

Jeff – Ok, so this roundtable formatt seemed to work last time so we’re back today doing it again. The third game in the 2008 NBA Finals just started and the Lakers are behind in the series by two games. We were just talking about this being the first game in LA and just how much the seats cost. For floor seat to the game you are looking at 21.000 dollars, if you want second row it’s costing you 16.000. As a big sports fan myself, I can not see an game worth that kind of cash. Superbowl tickets are cheaper. I’m just a little floored.

As for the game, we’re currently looking at 9-7 Lakers with 5:31 left. Both teams are shooting terribly right now and I’m afraid this maybe a long game.

Kellan – Kobe looks real good tonight, athough he’s only 3-6 from the line.  Gotta hit your free throws in big games.  I like the fact that Kobe’s guarding Rondo.  Good move Coach Jackson.  One more thing, Radmonovic is playing terribly.  He needs to step it up.

Jeff – At this point in the game I’m really thinking my bet of Pierce not outscoring Kobe is going to be safe for one more game. Kobe is sitting at 17 points right now, and Pierce has yet to score. The game is now at 40-29 Lakers with 4 minutes left in the first half.

 Still Jeff – Ok, it’s the half and Kobe is at 19 points for this game. He’s leading all players, yet is pissed he’s missed five field goals. I’m going to make Kellan type now, I’m going outside.

Kellan – Actually Kobe is upset about his five missed free throws.  Garnett is shooting terribly.  Why does he keep taking shots from beyond twenty feet?  Isn’t he a post player?  Vujacic is playing very well.  He’s doing exactly what he needs to do to keep the Lakers successful.  The Lakers are looking good to be able to keep ahead in this game.  Although the second half is another beast. What if Pierce starts hitting shots?  What if Garnett hits shots?  It seems like Boston is being plagued by what was wrong with the Lakers in the first two games, poor shot selection.

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Rooting for the Lakers

June 6, 2008

I didn’t realize it until the third quarter of last night’s game 1 but I am hoping that the Lakers win this championship happen.  Now I just have to figure out why I would want this team to win.

The Lakers are surprisingly likable.  When did this happen?  About the point that Andrew Bynum proved himself on the court and the entire team took a collective breath of relief as Kobe finally stopped whining about his situation.  They became less likable after the Gasol trade, but that’s beside the point.  Kobe was no longer just a villain.  He was that character on a show that you hate because they just seemed filled with hate, but then the show spends some time developing the character and you find out that not only are they you’re favorite character on the show, but you think that their prior hate filled acts are now totally justified (See Ben on Lost, Rebecca on GREEK, or Marissa’s mom on The OC).  So after Kobe settled down and the rest of the team settled down it finally looked like the Lakers were having fun. 

Rebecca from GREEK

(As an aside I was born in 1982 and I don’t think that I’ve EVER seen a Lakers game where the players looked like they were enjoying themselves until this year, it was normally misery or a sense of entitlement that I saw on the players faces throughout the year, it’s nice that they’ve finally decided to smile.

The Lakers are a fast-paced team.  I’m normally in the “let’s just hope for a good game” category.  After watching the Celtics and Cavaliers play seven games I wanted Mike D’Antoni to swap brains with Doc Rivers.  But I’ll get to Doc Rivers more later.  But those games were for the most part terrible.  Nearing unwatchable, like what people used to say about the Spurs and Detroit, except I think it was worse.  In fact I watched a WNBA game that week and didn’t think it was that bad because they were doing ALL of the same things that Cleveland and Boston were doing.  The Lakers, on the other hand, like to score points.  They were third in offense during the season, and obviously have kept it up pretty well in the post-season.  There were multiple times during the night where I jumped up and shouted at an amazing play, but they were almost all because of some thing the Lakers were doing (Garnett did have some nice dunks, though).

Doc Rivers Sucks

I think my dislike of Doc Rivers is beginning to border on hate.  I read an article today about how Doc Rivers outcoached Phil Jackson.  I had to leave the building and calm down.  Let it go, Cassell is done.  Why do you keep playing him when any of his shots even going in feels like some sort of bonus.  I used to love Cassell as a player, but it just seems like he’s on his last legs.  I am constantly befuddled by who Doc Rivers substitutes in and out of the game.  It’s like he’s played NB2K8 and just let’s the computer do whatever it wants.  I’m going to move on from this one because I can’t think about it clearly enough to give any good evidence, but next game just watch and revel in the fact that the Celtics are in the finals despite Doc Rivers not because of him.

I’m not a big fan of Ray Allen.  Don’t know why.  I think it just seems that he was hyped way beyond his ability.

And one last reason that I can’t root for the Celtics.  The smugness of the “Greatest Team Ever” and all of the Boston fans because of the Patriots.  And winning the world series.  And getting Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the same sports year.  Hey Boston you want to share a bit of the sports glory with the rest of the country?  Luckily Tyree caught a pass that gut-punched the Boston area so that the smugness of football season didn’t carry over too much into basketball.

So there it is.  The reasons I’m rooting for the Lakers.  Although, it could all change by game 2.

Episode 24

June 3, 2008

It was a rough start, middle and finish, but we made it through.  Its been a little while but fear not children, your two favorite sports guys are back, for now.  Oh, and we did get some hockey talk in, and it was AWESOME! Im lying.

Episode 24

Lakers Win, I still have a chance to be half right – Kellan

May 30, 2008

So the Lakers won last night.  They are the Western Conference champs and are on their way to the finals.  I’ll admit it, I underestimated the Lakers.  They won in five games when I expected the Spurs in six.  Then again I underestimated the Lakers and I think overestimated the Spurs.  I’ve just seen the Spurs over-acheive year after year.  But this year I think there were too many teams that were of a high playing level.  Throughout the season everyone (including me) talked about the West vs. East dominance.  That the West is so close in skill level while there appears to be a huge disparity in the East.  There is some truth to that, but the Lakers has not had a truly close series yet.  They haven’t had to go to a game seven yet.  They’re the only team in the playoffs to sweep, costing me a hard earned dollar.

Kobe balancing basketball

I still think that the Lakers are going to have to go up against Detroit, though.  Rip Hamilton is listed as ready to go, Detroit is at home, and Boston nearly blew a huge lead in the fourth quarter at home.  My initial pick of Detroit in six is no longer possible, but I think it’d be a good time to watch Detroit beat Boston in Boston.  Watch Rasheed Wallace go crazy tonight after being fined for complaining about the refs and using curse words to do it (note to ‘Sheed, wait until you get in your car and then let loose the expletives, then you don’t have to pay a fine).

Ray Allen is going to disappear again.  He had a big game in game 5, but I think he’s done for the year.  I’m not sure what happened, but him sucking started awful close to an E:60 story coming out about his family troubles (someone tried to kill his dad, or his stepdad, and the trial finished a little bit ago).  He played great while all the drama was happening in his life, and once it stopped he did too.  Just a conjecture.

Garnett will score a lot of points and get a lot of rebounds, but his teammates will struggle all night long until Detroit finally goes on a run to keep things out of reach.  Watch out for Maxiell to step up, or Stuckey.  Those guys are good and getting better, pretty much the opposite of Ray Allen who is currently good buy steadily getter worse.

My prediction for tonight, Detroit 101-Boston 84.

Am I wrong? – Kellan YES you are! – Jeff

May 22, 2008

I’ve picked a San Antonio vs. Detroit NBA finals. Both of the teams I have picked have dropped game 1. Am I wrong? I say no. San Antonio did fall apart, but I could see it happening in the first half. At the point where my roommate was cheering for San Antonio being up by so much and Kobe seemingly doing nothing about it. I explained to him that what Kobe was doing was making his team stay in the game. Kobe can take over a game, but that is a much more effective strategy in the second half than the first. Instead he kept his team in the game and when it came time for Kobe to take over all of his teammates were able to act like a good supporting cast rather than a bunch of people stuck on the same team as Kobe. It worked, San Antonio fell apart. I think the problem was that they didn’t take enough threes, you know, since their percentage was so high.

In Game 2 I see San Antonio coming out and doing what they need to do to prevent a third quarter slump that has been plaguing them. And maybe they’ll start taking it to the rim and slowing the game down when the other team is making a run. I still think that San Antonio is strong and has enough fire power to take down the Lakers.

Kevin Garnett

I have to admit that I missed a lot of the Celtics-Detroit game, but I caught the end. KG is the man, but what happens if Detroit actually plays a good game? Allen is next to non-existent at this point leaving the big 2. And Pierce and Garnett are nothing short of amazing, except that Garnett doesn’t seem to be able to hit that extra gear in crunch time because he starts out using it. Plus the Celtics have Doc Rivers as their coach. A man whose success is not really his own (as has been shown by his inability to take advantage of the disparity between the Celtics and the competition). In the regular season teams feared the Celtics, but Detroit has no fear. They have a better coach. One who can make good decisions and knows who should be playing in the game.

So am I wrong, I don’t think so, but a week from now I guess we’ll see the answer.